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Mummy on the Orient Express – What Did YOU Think?

The eighth episode of Doctor Who Series 8, Mummy on the Orient Express, has aired, but what did you
think? Please leave your comments in the section below and, obviously,
if you haven’t seen it best not to read. Check out the What Did You Think? for Kill The Moon HERE.
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  1. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to disagree with your preview, Cameron. I rather liked this episode. Much of the 'emotional stuff' with the Doctor and Clara rang true. The adventure seemed straightforward while effortless, a rather neat job for a first time Who writer. Loved the ending in the TARDIS. Also, the monster was proper scary. And can't wait for next week!
    (Maybe handy to point out as it was so divisive, I loved KTM.)

  2. I absolutely LOVED this episode. From the music, to pacing — and, especially, characterization (main & side). Series 8 of DW has been a real treat. And the next episode looks like another winner!

  3. 929loved it, although i thought clara was not gonna be in it. and i'm now a bit concerned that the lie at the end about danny being 'ok' with her bouncing about with doc capaldi is going to bring a whole bunch of couple-y stuff. and is it just me or is the doc not well. he's grabbed his arm in the beginning of the episode as he did when sabra left the tardis in time heist. whats up with that

  4. When I saw the preview for this episode, I thought it was going to be awful. There haven't been many episodes I've liked in this series so far (maybe two or perhaps three at a stretch) but I liked this because it was coherent and worked well as a single episode in the same was that Robot of Sherwood did.

    My only little gripes are that there was a bit where The Doctor was talking to himself near the beginning which seemed weird and unnecessary, just as if the writer wanted to whip in some witty dialogue for no real reason, and Clara was a little annoying with her 'dilemma'. But that might just be because I am getting a bit bored of her as a companion now.
    But the pros definitely outweigh those little gripes.

  5. Another strong episode, I thought. Really good story. Gus (as played by John Sessions) reminded me so much of the Voice of the Book (Peter Jones) from Hitchhikers' Guide To The Galaxy. Either that or it was straight out of The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, with its Genuine People Personality. For example: "We apologise for any distress you may have just experienced. Grief counselling is available on request"

  6. Loved it. Not only that but the first half was more Doctor Who-y than Doctor Who's been since Doctor Who was Doctor Who. It was SO Doctor Who. Also, they've obviously been paying attention to resolutions more than the last two seasons. Last two seasons: 2 words, makes enemy go away. This episode, sets up that finding the right two words make the enemy go away from the start so you know that's going to happen so it's satisfying when it does and doesn't feel cheap

  7. Best of this series and one of the best since 2005. Every single aspect of this worked perfectly. Capaldi was astounding (yet again). Casting him has been the most important single decision made in the show since the reboot.

  8. I enjoyed this episode a lot. i did think that the 12th Doctor is maybe too heartless but I thought about how any of the Doctors would have behaved in this situation, and to be honest i think they would all of done the same things. I also found the ending a little disconcerting, a quick call to Danny and everything is all ok again? that all happened rather quickly.

  9. I don't know what it was exactly, but I was getting very suspicious of Frank Skinner's character by the end. I was totally anticipating a sinister little glance over his shoulder as he left the tardis that would hint that he was Gus all along and had orchestrated the whole thing. Was anyone else getting that vibe?
    Of course, it turned out that he was just a nice and helpful bloke… and that felt a little disappointing. He would have made a great surprise villain rather than a so-so almost-companion.
    Aside from that, it was a pretty good episode!


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