The BBC has released the cast list for Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 8 – Mummy on the Orient Express, check it out below.

Gus – John Sessions
Perkins – Frank Skinner (pictured, left)
Captain Quell – David Bamber
Maisie – Daisy Beaumont
Mrs Pitt – Janet Henfrey
Prof Moorhouse – Christopher Villiers
Singer – Foxes
Foretold – Jamie Hill

Fact fans will note that Janet Henfrey played Miss Hardaker in The Curse of Fenric whilst Christopher Villiers played Hugh Fitzwilliam in The King’s Demons and Frank Skinner starred in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot as a Dalek operator.
Mummy on the Orient Express airs Oct 11 on BBC One at 8.35pm. For more info, pics and clips on the story, click HERE.


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