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More details on John Hurt in 50th [SPOILERS]

During a visit by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to the Doctor Who studios at Roath Lock in Cardiff, costume designer Howard Burden revealed some new bits of info about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. According to The Telegraph, Burden states that Hurt will play a “dark Doctor,” adding:
“There was a gap between Paul McGann playing the Doctor and
Christopher Eccleston, when we didn’t see a regeneration, and John Hurt will
fit into that gap. He is a past Doctor, not a future Doctor.” 
Read all the news and info on the 50th Anniversary Special HERE.


  1. Oh blow me. That is not what I want to hear at all. Chris E is the 9th, that's how he was announced back in 2004 and that's what he'll always be to me. The only way I will accept this is if he is somekind of halfway Doctor – as unsatisfying as that solution still is. Sorry but I'm not liking the way this is shaping up at all.

    • there were two different versions on the regeneration given through out the many series of doctor who, the first one was eleven regenerations then that was it. the other one given was that the same amount was a limit enforced by the time lord council, as the time war sealed the time lords away the writers will most likely go with the second option

  2. Perhaps it will be like 'The Christmas Invasion' and David Tennant's hand. Hurt is the 9th Doctor but after doing the terrible thing he does he forces himself to change in to Chris E. Still the 9th Doc but different because he changes during the first 15 hours of his regeneration cycle.

    Just a thought.

  3. Anthony, I think he will be something like the Valeyard. Remember he was something between the 12th and final regeneration. A dark side of the Doctor that got out.

    Again it is a classic Moffat using others ideas.

    I also think it is Moffat spitting his dummy out when CE refused to take part. So this was a hastily introduced late character. Why oh why they will not give McGann a spot in it god only knows.

  4. Infact, Anthony, this one (I got it this way) will be an incarnation that decided to NOT accept the legacy of the Doctor, so he is no Doctor at all, just a timelord (the black sheep of doctor's regenerations?)

  5. And this is exactly what I was hoping would be the case. Surprising and dramatic. And if the story fleshes out the Time War a tad more, so much the better (though I would have preferred RTD to handle any such story, ideally).

  6. John Hurt is now the 9th WOW !?!
    So that makes:
    Christopher Eccleston is now the 10th
    David Tennant is now the 11th
    Matt Smith is now the 12th

    So the Doctor is going to run out of regenerations or he's going to have to cheat death like the master did?

  7. I love how people are panicking. The regeneration limit was done away with years ago; it's not an issue anymore (see Let's Kill Hitler where River gives the Doctor her remaining regenerations; see The Five Doctors where it was confirmed the high council of Time Lords controls the limit – where are they now?). And the fact Hurt is the true Ninth Doctor was suggested months ago, so that is not a surprise. Better that then him being an older Eighth Doctor which would really be an insult to McGann.

  8. As Mr. Horse would say, "No sir, I don't like it." I don't understand why in Hades they are hell-bent on avoiding Paul McGann, who would have been a better third wheel than a "mystery" Doctor from the Time War. Terrible choice, just terrible, and it shuffles the numbers needlessly. Some "50th" this is turning out to be…

  9. There are ways to handle things.

    1. During Matts Regeneration they could take a time excursion and do an 8th Doctor series.
    2. River Song gave the Doctor Her regenerations.
    The Doctor doesn't have to die, some time warp can happen making him immortal also.

  10. All these people panicking and crying as if they're going to kill off the Doctor and lose their cash cow. Get a grip. It will make it more exciting. Come on. It's John Hurt, for Pete's sake. He's a fantastic actor. Love Paul McGann. Love all the Doctors, but I have no issue with having John Hurt in the series.

  11. I haven't seen The Name of the Doctor yet, but have read a lot and seen many clips. Isn't the John Hurt doctor found down in the Tardis? If so, was he imprisoned like some of the other characters there?

  12. Oh for heaven's sake, people, haven't you been paying any attention to "The Name of the Doctor"??? The Doctor specifically confirmed that he WAS the Eleventh Doctor, and that "John Hurt" does NOT count as a Doctor. He might well be something between Eight and Nine, but he was "excised" from the number of the Doctors because of the horrible things he did (I'm assuming the killing off of the Time Lords and the destruction of Gallifrey). It does NOT mean that John Hurt is now Nine and Christopher Eccleston is Ten, etc. He's a "numberless" Doctor, he doesn't count. Use your brain, people.

  13. It sounds like CE was the 9th Doctor but not necessarily the 9th regeneration. It is not unprecedented that we go into a regeneration not knowing if it will work. The 5th Doctor wasn't sure that he would successfully regenerate. I am sure they will end the Christmas episode with the cliffhanger of whether the 11th Doctor will regenerate or is this the end.

  14. Moffat seems to be in a terrible panic about how to impress fans and non-fans, no doubt pleasing neither.

    There's a desperate pumped-up quality to nu-Who that makes it exhausting to watch, for very little pay off. The 'John Hurt is The Doctor' thing was cringeworthy and naff and revealed a feeble PR team desperate to grab attention but also happy to winge about how fans spoil all the big events.

    Personally, I'd rather Who became an oddment, a more edgy alternative with some actual sci-fi content. Perhaps being more relevant to tomorrow's science might give it an edge, 'cos wifi really is old news.

    Lastly, good riddance to Matt Smith; great at first, but he's turned into Mr.Bean crossed with a spoilt posh brat. No thanks.

  15. What if Christopher Eccleston and Paul McGann have been lying the whole time? What if both are secretly in the 50th anniversary special, but they are only in it for 5-10 minutes (of new footage) like Sylvester McCoy was in the Dr. Who Movie?


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