Current showrunner Steven Moffat was interviewed on the red carpet of the BAFTAs last night – watch it in the player above. During it he talks about using 3D to film the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special and also adds, “All I’ve ever revealed about what we’re doing in Doctor Who is anything we filmed outside. I notice people are making up stuff about who and what is or is not in that special, you’re just going to have to wait ’til November to find out the truth.”
For more news and info on the 50th Anniversary, visit the episode section HERE. Watch the celebratory video montage and special scene featuring Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman from the BAFTAs HERE.


  1. I love how he says people make up their own theories and then get mad about it. So true! Let's wait and see how many doctors are in the 50th anniversary episode before everyone starts a witch hunt on Moffat!

  2. People are so quick to hate on Moffat but all I see is a writer who genuinely enjoys his job and is doing a fine job at it.

  3. It is not uncommon for episodes to still be filming mere weeks before broadcast (the cornfield teaser for Let's Kill Hitler, for example, was shot something like 5 months after the rest of the episode). And, as Moff says, all the public knows is what's been seen on location. What happens – or happened – at Roath Lock is anyone's guess until November.

  4. Does anyone else feel that in the video it seems like he wants to lash out and is only slightly keeping his cool. Either that or he was horrendously nervous with an on-spot interview.

  5. The part near the end makes me think that more doctors and companions may be involved. I think it would be brilliant if 8 & 9 have secretly been filming with the cast. I think 4-7 should have Stan Lee cameos also. That would be fantastic.


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