Steven Moffat has been speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming series. Discussing Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 the current showrunner stated that the Doctor, played by Matt Smith, is definitely “smitten” with new companion Clara, Jenna-Louise Coleman. Confirming that River Song, Alex Kingston, would return at some in the run of episodes, Moffat added that the show will make “some mileage” out of the love-triangle between the three but “not in the ways you’ll think”.

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  1. God damn it! I'm getting really sick of the Doctor falling for people or people falling for the Doctor.

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAARRGGGH! I am sick to death of this over-compensation for the Doctor's 40 years of no hanky-panky in the TARDIS! The only fricking companion I can stand to watch anymore is Donna, because she's the only goddam adult in the boat and the only one who didn't get in a stupid "relationship" with the Doctor!!!!!!! AAAARGH!

    I'm not a prude, and I don't have a problem with River Song. In fact, I really want to see more about the Doctor's family (bring back Susan!), but for cryin' out loud, give the "hottie of the week" thing a rest, Moffat.

  3. Oh for F…flips sake Moffat. Let the River Song character/storyline die. She passed her sell by date ages ago. move on.

    How much more River can Moffat cram into Doctor Who? (oo er missus)

  4. You know, I really liked 10/Rose. I felt it made sense that he would connect with a human in a different way after the Time War and the chemistry was good. But other than that I really don't like the whole romance element. I find his relationships with his companions a lot more interesting when being "in love" isn't an issue. I would be highly amused if River and Clara fell in love with each other. That's an awesome idea!

  5. Given Moffat's penchant for lesbians (ex. Madame Vastra & Jenny, the dominatrix Irene Adler from Sherlock), I'm leaning towards the River/Clara romance.

    Will someone PLEASE FIRE THE GUY?

    Frankly, I'm SICK TO DEATH of River. It's as if SHE'S the star of the show. She's a dreadful character who sucks…everything out of whatever story she's in.

    Let River run dry and bring in some REAL stories, not the crap we've endured for two seasons/series.

  6. I think River might be getting close to the end of her story. One of these times, she won't recognize the doctor because they haven't met. I think before that happens she may want to make sure there is someone in place that will see that the doctor stays on course. He doesn't do well traveling alone. 🙂

  7. No thank you. I'm super tired of everyone falling for the Doctor as well. He's smart and brave, but not every woman would fall in love with him! It's not realistic and it's just tired storytelling and reduces the companion to a romantic interest. Not buying it Moffat.

    • Dona did not fall for the doctor. But what do I know about the 10 doctor. The 11 hour was my first episode.

  8. Rick, so you're basically saying you hate lesbians? Die you homophobic. Die. I, too, am getting bored of River. But seriously? Stop with the homophobia.

  9. She's already met a Doctor who didn't know her. That was Silence in the Library.
    I agree with River. That river is bone dry. And having a lesbian love triangle is just childish.
    River is not a believable love interest for anyone under 50. And no I don't approve of men with much younger women before any idiot starts running their big ignorant mouth.
    The Stories stink, River stinks, I am NOT looking forward to the so-called 50th anniversary. Everything will be geared to make everything look "superior" since Moffat took over.
    What a joke! Things have gone downhill since he took over.
    And a lot of fans have been laughing about how everything Moffat does is "The Best" or "the First" when they are anything but.
    Amy and Rory are his best friends ever because Moffat said so. please. They are okay but far from the best.
    Clara is the most important mystery "ever"……WHY?! Because Moffat wrote it. LOL!
    Time for Moffat to leave (actually that's long past due) and for a writer who is not a total megalomaniac and is a proper fan!
    Heck Even I Can write better stories then Moffat! I can even fix River so those of us who can't stand her, can actually start liking her and stop reaching for the remote every time she shows up.
    I can also change the lame non-mystery of Clara into one that would have people on the edge of their seats.
    And she wouldn't be anything lame like the Dr's and River's (VOMIT)daughter!
    And anyone who has seen 'The Abominable Snowman' already knows the secret of how she appears, dies and reappears. Don't even have to watch it. Just read the wikipedia write up on it. You'll find the answer about a third of the way through. LOL!

  10. Half the comments here seem to be completely ignoring the "not in the way you think" comment, no? I've always thought River and Clara would have a fair bit of jealousy between them, and would love to see that play out on screen. The Doctor's enthralled and intrigued by Clara, that's how "love" works for him, so let's not assume there's more wedding bells on the horizon just yet.

  11. Anonymous, she did meet a doctor she didn't know; that was the beginning of their relationship for him. But she hasn't met the doctor and not known him herself. It's true she's a bit "older" (I wish back to those days) but the doctor is much older than her. Appearances aren't and shouldn't be everything. There's something strange about Clara-I say that not because of the way the character is developing but because her character keeps breaking the fourth wall. Maybe they are going to do something with World as Myth?

  12. Yeah, you all seem like big Doctor Who fans to me. I like River Song, I like Clara, bring on the new series. You're all jus a big bunch of whiners, you write a better TV show then.

  13. Bet a million Clara's gonna dig River! She did admit as Oswin that she was bisexual. River said at some point that she was also…can't remember which episode. No doubt in my mind that's going to be the triangle.

  14. Am I the only one who likes River here? I don't think it would be appropriate to finish her plot yet, as she always talks about millions of adventures her and the Doctor have had, although really she has not had that much screen time. And, let's face it, she's badass.
    However, I really do need another companion like Donna, who can bring the Doctor back to earth in the sense of love. I need someone who will take the mickey out of him again, someone who loves him, but in a friendly way, and is gobby to him as well. Anyone else agree?

  15. River is brilliant, especially the way that most of her storylines are hinted at as opposed to shown … it leaves you wanting to know more and allows for a long running companion without it getting old. And I doubt that that River-Clara-Doctor triangle will be as simple as jealousy or bisexuality, although that might also get hinted at. But doctor who has moved on, and it deals with human relationships as much as it does monsters and adventure. I think everyone gets too riled up about potential stories…whatever your preference, they are always enjoyable and there is something for everyone in every series. Moffat is a very clever writer, he's never going to please everyone but I think he must be doing something right for it to keep being as popular as it is!

  16. Moffat has lost the plot in a big way. What the hell has this kind of crap got to do with Doctor Who?

  17. I looooove River Song and (separately) her chemistry with Eleven. I am not on board with the Doctor falling for a string of young hotties. The doctor may be played by a thirty year old human but that is not who he is.

  18. Wtf is this? None of you can call yourselves doctor who fans! River is amazing! She's the only other bloody time lord in existence because all the others are dead. Well part human timelord but still timrlord, it was an amazing story when we found out she was Amys daughter and a cool twist. You dumb people Dont get the fact moffet wrights in time, not just the year your in now, its a time n space program ffs!

  19. Gosh aren't people cross with Moffat. Easy to criticise, why not just consume an entertainment, which is what a viewer's role is. and if it does not entertain, shut up and watch something else.

  20. I see a lot of of the same views on these comments on the love triangle but i got to thinking. First they have to close out the River Song saga when the Doctor gives River the Screw Driver before she heads to the great library. Second what if while in the computer River found away to project herself out and is in the shape (or regenerated) of the new companion. Would be an interesting concept if it is. Then it would give a whole new meaning to a different kind of love triangle.

  21. A River-Clara love relationship would be just as gross as River and The Doctor! They have ZERO chemistry. Those saying they do are obviously blind or just have crappy taste! River looks like the Dr's mother. So what if the Dr character is older? She looks TWICE HIS AGE! and sorry for the make-believe sophisticates who like to pretend looks don't matter and yet are probably the first to think rude comments when they see obese people walking down the street but will vehemently deny this reality. Never mind the looks on their faces betray their true feelings. lol
    But anyway, River is a SOCIOPATH! She is criminally insane! I don't care it's because she was raised that way! WHO BUT A TOTAL CRETIN CARES?! She is and THAT'S what matters!
    She should be considered the Doctors Enemy! Not his friend! What kind of sick Freak is Moffat?! The man has NO COMMON SENSE OR COMMON DECENCY!
    He is way too incompetent to be head writer!
    His story lines are geared for 8 yr olds but the dialogue is geared for middle-aged perverts!
    Most people CAN'T stand River! Out of more then 20 million world wide and maybe 5,000 likes her?! LOL!! That's less then 1%! Give me a break!
    River refused to let the Dr fix the universe TWICE just so her gross psycho self didn't feel bad about being the one who killed the Dr! THAT'S NOT LOVE! Anyone thinking it is SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP! YOU ARE INSANE!
    Not one word she babbled out of her rear-end in The Wedding of River Song had ANYTHING to do with love and everything to do with a sick twisted obsession!
    Moffat is insane! He is completely out of touch with reality! Both the stories he writes and the stories his friends write are shallow backward stories straight out of the 1950's! The characters are 2 dimensional at best!

    They're lying because their being there will BE THE ONLY surprise in the whole so-called special.
    Now I've said in various places that Moffat WILL pay SOME homage to the past! But I've said it will most likely be only about 20% of the story while the rest will be all about 11th Dr and Moffats time as head writer!
    In other words it will REALLY be a tribute to Steven Moffat BY Steven Moffat! LOL!
    River is WAY PAST her freshness date! She is past stale she is rancid! Time to delete!

  22. I am going to ignore the idiocy of the person above me. I like River and Eleven. Granted I have not seen all of Doctor Who but from the little I have seen I am rooting River and Eleven all the way. In fact for some reason I have not taken much of a liking to Clara and if the Doctor ends up with her, I will find that sad. I personally think River is a stronger character then Clara. So again in my opinion if anyones story has dried out I am going to say Clara's has.

  23. I love the River love story, but man, I'm sick of the Doctor falling in love or companions falling in love with him. In the past seven seasons we've had Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Amy Pond (not a full romance, but still the kissing stuff), and all the side story romances with random one show companions. Then he married River, which was actually really unique and an interesting story line. But now again with Clara… I miss the Donna type companion, who isn't interested in the Doctor that way. It's too soon after River for my taste. I'd like her relationship with the Doctor to linger with him longer. After all, she was his wife.

  24. Im not a fan of the doctor falling for his companions and I really hope that his relationship with clara isnt what its starting to appear to be, this is partly because I really like River, I think shes a brilliant character because the love story is included but we dont have to face it every week as shes not a full time companion, I think the doctor and rivers relationship was special and i like to think it was love but the clara storyline, while mysterious, seems like it has turned the doctors back on his recent past, and future, and is ignoring everything that has happened which undermines her character and is making it difficult for me to enjoy where this new storyline is heading, i hope the finale doesnt disappoint!

  25. I love river, and i know i'm going to get shunned for saying that, I loved the playfull chemistry the doctor and her have. But i totally agree that Moffat is ruining Rivers character, she used to be strong and independent and now she calls the doctor for everything. I wish the doctor would bring back the strong and fun River.

  26. I love River. She's complicated and mysterious and badass. She drives The Doctor crazy and I believe they have good chemistry because they're both flirts.
    The only thing I have against River isn't even part of her character; it's her timeline.
    They keep saying that 'It's all back to front'. It's not. If it were actually back to front then we would have continued to see Professor Song instead of Dr. Song.
    River says 'His firsts are my lasts'. They're not. His first kiss was while she was still in prison. Now we know she's his wife and she's out of prison as a professor. Sorry guys, but River doesn't seem like the type to let her husband get away with not kissing her for years.
    Also, I'm in agreement with anyone that said they're tired of companions falling for The Doctor. Rose/10 were fine, I have nothing against them. Then Martha came along with her 'Doctor, love me' attitude which annoyed me- especially because The Doctor was clearly not interested. Then there was Donna who was a nice breath of non-romantic air. Amy worried me a bit in the beginning because she did sort of throw herself at him. But then it's clearly stated that she would chose Rory over The Doctor. They center an entire episode around it; in the end Amy loves Rory. After that episode, I felt that any chance of romance was gone. Flirting continued, but that's because Amy's a flirt. I never felt that she actually meant any of it romantically. Sure she was a little torn between them, but in more of a 'TARDIS life vs. domestic life' sort of way. That's not even mentioning the non-companions.
    I really hope that Clara doesn't become an actual romantic interest. The Doctor loves River and while some people hate her, I like them together. I also really hope that it doesn't become a jealousy thing between her and River. There's been enough jealousy in relation to The Doctor since Rory was introduced. To bring jealousy back into the picture- even with different people- would be tiring and ridiculous.
    And I hope that it doesn't become a River/Clara romance. River is clearly devoted to The Doctor. She loves him.
    Not to say that there probably won't be lots and lots of flirting.
    River's a flirt. The Doctor's a flirt- at least around River. As far as I can tell, Clara's a flirt. There will be flirting, but not, I hope, in a true romantic sense.
    One last thing; I like River, why don't you guys like her? Seriously, I'm curious. I don't understand it and I want to.

  27. From the three series sofar that Moffat has produced, the one that sucked the most was series 7. Series 6 was the best by far, and I liked the story arch. A big part of it had to do with the character River Song, although she herself is annoying and not very appealing, as a plot tool, she worked well. Series 7 is very much like a souffle: a lot of hot air with no substance, it's ironic that Clara's other nickname (not mystery girl, you need to be intrigued first if you want to call it a mystery) is souffle girl. Did the plot of series 7 just collapse before it came out of the oven?

  28. Absolutely adore River! The Doctor and River seem more believable to be together and have true chemistry. I see Clara and the Doctor as long-lost siblings.

  29. Oh for goodness sake! I am absolutely praying for the long-awaited announcement of Moffat's departure. He does not own DW and his characters are extremely bland and irritating. He never pays tribute to the show's past and is intent on plugging his pet Mary Sue. You killed her off in the library. Stop.Bringing.Her.Back.
    He's constantly harping on about wanting to move the show forwards and not dwell on the past, yet how long have he had to endure this irritating character?
    I found the Doctor and Rose relatable and with a lovely build-up. You weren't told that Rose/The Doctor loved each other, you were shown it. I was rewatching series 6 recently, and I'm not a prude by any means but dear god, how many innuendos did he feel the need to put in on a family show?!

    And to Ben Hobson, hating what Moffat has done does not equate to not being a DW fan. Moffat does not own Doctor Who, and most level-headed people will agree that he's ruining it.


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