In an interview with industry publication Broadcast, Steven Moffat has been talking about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, 3D, the show’s return in 2005 and the “controversy” surrounding the Comic-Con trailer earlier this year. Read the full article HERE.

Talking about the upcoming special the current showrunner says: “A big episode is not the one where you say ‘it’s big’. A big episode can be anything that moves the plot along. My main thing
was that as much as we celebrate the past, we can change the narrative.
You can’t tell a story by being frightened about it.”
Discussing the 3D elements of The Day of the Doctor, Moffat says they were in his “mind from the start” and that its unique dimension will offer, “the best ever entrance into the TARDIS”.
Outgoing producer
Marcus Wilson adds that the 50th Anniversary special is “the future of what we can do. When I read a Doctor Who
script, I want it to contain impossible ideas. When I read this one, I
was going around the office saying: ‘how the hell am I going to do

Regarding Peter Capaldi, the writer commented, “We couldn’t have had another quirky young man because Matt had nailed
the part. Peter’s already a bit of a national treasure, an incredibly
skilled, fine actor. As most people have realised, the moment you think
of him in the part, you find it hard to think of anyone else. Every time
I was at a TV do and Peter was there, he’d come over to talk about
Doctor Who and he was the first to congratulate Matt. I started
thinking: what if that genius actor might actually say ‘yes’?”

On the return of Doctor Who in 2005, Moffat stated that what producers Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner did was “astonishing”. And finally, Steven spoke about The Day of the Doctor trailer which was shown earlier this year at Comic Con in San Diego and seemed to upset some UK “fans”, stating: “Comic Con has a history of screening exclusive material. I
understand if people are feeling eager – but don’t you think it would
have been a little bit early for everyone to see it? We were creating a
buzz about it among the people who’d slept out all night for it.”
Broadcast magazine is out tomorrow, you can visit their website HERE for the full article. 

Visit for all the info, pics and clips on the 50th Anniversary Special


  1. And there he goes with the fan bashing. He seems to forget that he was once one of those "fans" (with quotes). Can't criticize the Moff, else you are a "fan." George Lucas had much the same attitude towards criticism.

  2. I'm sorry but Moff comes across as arrogant regarding the comic con footage.
    He took it over to San Diego because he wanted to be whooped and adored. British fans don't tend to do that.

  3. Oh, he didn't just irk the UK fans by showing the trailer at Comic Con, but refusing to let it out to the general public afterwards. I'm an American fan who is equally PO'd at that tactic.

    It's one thing to show it first and follow up immediately with sharing it with others, quite another thing to not follow up and then threaten those in attendance if they share it with the rest of us…

  4. So for those of us who couldn't get to Comic Con – maybe we had commitments or we couldn't afford entry or travel (possibly we were even stupid enough to be living on the wrong continent!) SM is saying F*** You. Shame on him. This is our reward for loyalty?

  5. Ginger Crawford, bit over dramatic don't you think? Remember when RTD was the death of Doctor Who? I bet the new person to take the reigns will be the death of Doctor Who and then the next person, etc.

  6. So much Moffat hate, sheesh. I'm not American or British and while I think the trailer should have been shown to everyone, it's in the past now. Let it go and move on people.

  7. God, Moffat, enough with the "best ever" this and the "best ever" that. You keep promising it, ain't seen it yet. Shut up and just let us watch the damn show.

  8. I've said before that when people are 'Moff-bashing' (as nobody calls it, due to it sounding extremely dodgy), I've been the first to defend him. It's the bit about the trailer being for "the people who’d slept out all night for it" that irks me. It being shown exclusively in America isn't the problem – not all Americans saw it; it's an international event, and there were plenty of Brits there. But this just insults those who weren't there: does he not think those of us who, for whatever reason, can't get to San Diego wouldn't 'sleep out all night'? Even I'm surprised at how annoying I've found this.

  9. He's not "fan bashing" though some of you well deserve it. Either go to ComiCon or you miss out. They paid the price (time, money, whatever), you didn't. Deal with it.


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