On March 1, Steven Moffat was a guest of Trinity College, Dublin
and took part in an interview and Q & A session – listen to it
in the player below. During the Q&A the current showrunner addressed the topic of why so few female writers are involved with Doctor Who (the last being Helen Raynor for the 2008 Sontaran two~parter), here’s what he said:
“I don’t know why. We chase both sexes. There are many [female writers]. I think a female voice would be fantastic. But we’re getting no luck there.” Joking he added, “I have a folder of women. They all said no!”


  1. 'bout time they addressed this.
    Over on Tumblr a lot of feminist fans are fed up with the way he addresses the female characters.
    (And I happen to agree with a lot of it).
    Perhaps a byproduct of his Coupling/sit-com roots.

    Having female writers pen some episodes might begin to rectify this – however it doesn't seem like the women who have been on the production staff have made an impact on the scripts, understandably so.

  2. Here are five female writers that I would like to see write for Doctor Who:

    Amber Benson
    Lisa Holdsworth
    Stephenie Meyer
    Abi Morgan
    J.K Rowling

  3. Daed said…
    'bout time they addressed this.
    Over on Tumblr a lot of feminist fans are fed up with the way he addresses the female characters.

    Yes, and they're militant feminists whose believe there's only one way of writing a female character….THEIRS. The Stepford Wives in reverse if you like.

    "Folder full of women…" God, he's been talking to Mitt Romney!

    No. He was satirizing the idiot. Seriously, the haters can continue with this 'Moffat is a sexist/mysoginist' campaign all they like but the show is as popular as ever with both sexes. They don't look for agendas that are not there.

  4. "Militant feminists" aren't the only people who want to see something other than "feisty" support characters. Amy, River and Clara speak with essentially the same voice, and a show like Doctor Who deserves better diversity in characters than that.

  5. JDT "…Stephenie Meyer" Are you serious? We don't want Doctor Who to have to go on another 15 year hiatus. Stephenie Meyer is the best person to ensure it does. Bloody hell. She is like the anti-feminist!

  6. It is a shame they all said no.

    Shows like Doctor Who made me start writing when I was younger.
    But I doubt I'm ever going to get a chance to appear in Mr Moffat's Folder!

  7. It's one of my dreams, I'd love to write Official Doctor Who (I'm writing it as fanfics)

    Writing an episode could be an amazing experience! or a novel, comic,… I don't mind!

    I'm one of the women he's looking for.


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