Michelle Gomez
Michelle Gomez

Michelle Gomez, the latest incarnation of The Master, made a brilliant appearance on Doctor Who: The Fan Show recently. Hosted by Christel Dee, The Fan Show is an online show that appears weekly on the Official Doctor Who YouTube channel.

In this new release, Gomez is challenged to name lesser monsters from the show. On being shown pictures, she instantly identifies a Dalek, saying, ‘I am a Dalek,’ in the classic Dalek voice (Not really a lesser monster, but hey). Then Gomez tells the host, ‘I’m not going to do the voices to all the monsters,’ rather tartly, in a tone approaching Missy’s crisp manner.

Some of her other guesses are ‘Asparagus Man.’ Next up: ‘The post office.’, ‘Otherwise known as…crouton,’ she says quite seriously, holding up another photo.

“Me,” Gomez fires off, when faced with an especially hideous face. “My next door neighbour,” is another.

When shown an old photo of The Master, Gomez guesses, “The Master, after a very bad face peel.” Then she looks right at the camera and purrs, “Now look at me. It worked.”

There is never a dull moment with either Gomez or the Master around but how do you think she did and how many can you name?

Check it out below……..


  1. Thanks for sharing this! She did ok!!! I got 10- couldn’t remember the name of the one she called the Marsh monster or the one after though I recognised it!!!


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