Michael Forguson, founder and curator of Companions of the Doctor, has died and the world is a sadder place without him in it.

Michael Forguson was every single thing that is good in Doctor Who fandom, indeed in any kind of fandom.

I first came across Michael back in the old days on MySpace and then on Twitter in his guise as Time Lord Tronic (@Phsychotronic) through our shared love of Doctor Who and then we became friends. He was my font of all knowledge in many things and being his friend seemed to imbue me with a tad more intelligence just by knowing him!

Michael had founded Companions of the Doctor back in 2002 as a way of celebrating Doctor Who and, following the show’s re-boot in 2005, its spin off programmes.  Michael’s mantra at Companions of the Doctor was…

By mere virtue of being a fan, we’re all Companions of the Doctor.

Quite right, too.

Michael ran his Doctor Who forums using the Shel Israel Living Room Policy of which he said, “To paraphrase, he asked that people be respectful with their comments. Constructive criticism is welcome, slander and profanity are not. Basically, please don’t say something here that you wouldn’t say in one of our living rooms. We would greatly appreciate that.”

And that was Michael, too. He was respectful and courteous. He was also great fun and very thoughtful. He would make each of his friends bespoke little birthday cards every year, which we all loved. He even made a little selection of Facebook profile picture frames featuring sonic screwdrivers.  You can still find them if you search for Companions of the Doctor.

Michael was a generous soul and would widely and openly support other Doctor Who podcasts, blogs and fan sites.  He was a great friend and supporter of BlogtorWho, for which we will be forever grateful.

Michael was staggeringly intelligent. He had an incredible, encyclopaedic knowledge of most things cult and Sci-Fi and he a huge passion for the things he loved. As well as being a huge fan of Doctor Who, he loved – among many things – Star Trek, Red Dwarf, and more recently, programmes such as Humans and Sense 8. But his most often quoted love was for Douglas Adams. Michael probably knew more about Adams, his words and his works than Adams himself!

And now we say goodbye to our friend and the world is a sadder place for his absence in it, but we are all richer for having known him. He was the very best of us.

Michael Richard Forguson 28 July 1963 to 6 June 2018. Signing off, my friend.



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