It is 8 pm on Christmas Day as I”m writing this blog.  Late again like a number of my other post this year.  But it is still Christmas Day here, and I wanted to wish all our followers a Merry Christmas.

I must admit I’ve been missing the Doctor Who Christmas Day special.  It was always there to watch after we’d filled up with too much turkey, stuffing and custard.  Something fun to sit down with the family, even if they weren’t die-hard fans of the show like myself and the writers of this blog.  Just something to that was always there to enjoy and laugh about.

And while I’m thrilled that the show is returning on New Years Day, I’m still not a fan of the special occurring on the first day of the Year.   If you are like me, 7pm on New Year’s Day is the start of the drive home from family and just a few hours before I’m back to work for the next day.   I’m already moving from holidays and looking towards the realities of the new year.

If I’m a little off this year with the celebrations, it has been a challenging year for me in so many ways.  So I’m in a bit of a nostalgia funk.   But it is just a bit too early to be reflecting back on this last year.  That is for our News Day Blog.

I’ve been blessed with a lovely family, good friends and a lot of Doctor Who gifts.  Who’s knew I would end up with some Doctor Who related items?  Certainly, the calendar will come in use.  I’m sure that a number of you received the same.

So just to finish off.  I wish all the best for you and yours over this festive season.  And  may you all find peace and happiness with friends and family during the holidays/

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, All the best for Winter Solstice, Kwaazza Blessing to you and yours.  And any other blessings I may have missed.

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