Titan Vinyl Figures has announced their latest blind box collectable line up which is Doctor Who Kawaii.

Chances are, you have at least one Titan Vinyl Figure already. You were curious enough when looking through a shop or a convention and couldn’t resist. They have that effect on people. If you’ve been strong enough to resist the urge, (I haven’t, in any way) you’ve no doubt seen them and are aware of them. They come in many forms, from many a fandom, Doctor Who being our favourite!

If you’re completely unaware of what these are, these are small collectable figure’s that come in a box and you have no idea which character you’re going to get. They do full ranges of these sets, some based on characters in a season, while others were sets of The Doctors. Soon we’ll be been given an anime styled version of our 12 regular Doctors!

Designed By

These 3″ blind box figures are designed by Kelly Yates. Yates is a superb artist and is no stranger to drawing The Doctor as he was the artist for IDW’s Tenth Doctor line. This series of vinyl figures look to be leaner and have smaller heads than the regular designs. They’re sure to sit nicely next to the rest of your collection.

Each figure will come with a character specific accessory, likely Sonic Screwdrivers for some, but that remains to be seen. Even more exciting are what they call the “chase figures” there will be 4 in total and these are unknown characters to try to collect. One of these chase figures will be ‘super-rare’ and another will be ‘ultra-rare’, to entice you expanding your collection.

Titan Vinyl Announces Doctor Who Kawaii Blind Box Set
Titan Vinyl Announces Doctor Who Kawaii Blind Box Set

These rarities haven’t been announced yet but may be alternate versions of a Doctor, or perhaps different Doctors. This may be where our War Doctor, or 13th Doctor come into play, but that’s wild speculation. You’ll have to wait and purchase to find out.

The Doctor Who┬áKawaii Blind Box collectables will be available in January 2018. Here’s to finding your Doctor/s, and more!


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