BBC Audio have a special treat for classic Doctor Who fans this year with an audio annual.

We’re all familiar with the Doctor Who Annual. The Annual is a fun look at as all things Doctor Who in the form of a book. Now we’re looking back at some of the original stories that were collected in those annuals from the mid 60’s through to the mid 80’s. The twist is that these stories will get the audio treatment.

The audio format has proven quite popular with Doctor Who fans. Big Finish Audio, and their many ongoing stories and ranges, fill in the gaps between classic stories as well as further developing  characters, both new and old. They do this a number of ways, with audio readings and narration but usually with fully fleshed out audio dramas.

BBC Audio tell’s both new stories and retells classic stories, though typically in the form of a narrator. It only seems natural to look for more classic stories to give the audio treatment for fans.

What’s included

There will be 6 stories from the first 6 Doctor’s read by stars of the classic series. Peter Purves, Anneke Wills, Geoffrey Beevers, Matthew Waterhouse, and Nicola Bryant will each narrate a story.

The stories chosen for this edition are; The Sons of Grekk, The King of Golden Death, Dark Intruders, Conundrum, Facing The Penalty and The Real Hereward.

The Doctor Who Audio Annual
The Doctor Who Audio Annual

These won’t be major stories to any plot but light tales aimed at younger audiences, as the Doctor Who Annual is. It’ll also be great for the nostalgic, or completest fan looking to collect as much as they can. Even the casual beginner looking to see what a Doctor Who audio story from the BBC might be like.

Upping the value, two vintage essays will also be included. Who is Doctor Who?, published in 1966 and from 1968, The Phoenix in the TARDIS.

Boasting incredible artwork this CD of collected stories is scheduled for release December 7th and retails for £12.74 in Britain and due to be released first quarter 2018 in the US. It’s still a long way off, but certainly worth the early notice.

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