Do you have Doctor Who related questions that need answering in a fun way? For example, what was the biggest explosion in Doctor Who? If yes, ‘The Book of Whoniversal Records’ will certainly be for you.

BBC Books have announced that they are releasing ‘A fact-packed, fully illustrated celebration of the best, biggest and most impossible moments from the world of Doctor Who.’

Imagine if Gallifrey had their own Guinness World Records and made a book about The Doctor and his adventures. This is a fun way to answer questions like the longest fall through space to the shortest life-form that ever lived. There will be photos to prove it all too! Where ‘Whographica’ looked at facts and stats in chart form ‘The Book of Whoniversal Records’ will show you in pictures.

The book will be written by none other than Simon Guerrier. Guerrier is known to Doctor Who fans for writing everything from audio stories at Big Finish, to novels, and even Classic Who DVD documentaries. If anyone can document facts while making them engaging, Guerrier is the one to do it.

This 224 page of bound goodness, ‘The Whoniversal Records’ is due out September 28th in the UK and will retail for £16.99. In the US the book will just miss the Christmas rush and is due January 2nd, retailing for $19.99. Despite the release date, this is sure to be a great gift for friends, family or, lets face it, yourself!

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