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MERCHANDISE: Doctor Who Paper Dolls Coming Soon

Paper Dolls Cover
Paper Dolls is nearly here!

In case you weren’t aware, Paper Dolls is a Doctor Who themed mix and match dress them up. It includes the first 12 Doctors as well as a variety of companions and characters from the show and even has Bill. There are twenty-six dolls in total.

It comes in the form of a book and includes over 50 outfits to mix and match your favourite characters to make your own story and to inspire your own creativity. The illustrations are true to each individual characters personality and the options given are fun choices that may not always be the popular second option but for something like this are fun. The Ninth Doctor is a tad bland, but his costume options were limited in the show. However, companion Ace is totally ace! There are notes from which episodes the costumes come from for easy reminder, and also lists the costume designer.

Paper Dolls Cover
Paper Dolls Cover

The illustrations are done by Ben Morris, a familiar name to Doctor Who Magazine readers. He also has provided illustrations for Radio Times, Sunday times and The Scotsman and has created puzzles and more for Doctor Who Adventures.

The writer of the book is none other than Simon Guerrier, who most Doctor Who fans will know from writing everything from Big Finish Audios to a wide variety of books including, most recently, co-author of Whographica and The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who.

Christel Dee, the host of the Doctor Who Fan Show has also contributed some tips and insights for cosplaying. Cosplay is a topic covered on The Fan Show and something Dee is well-known and regarded for.

Paper Dolls will be £12.99 and is due for release in paperback format in the UK on August 24th and in the US on September 5th.

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