Doom Coalition

Doom Coalition: The Eleven. Cover by Tom Webster (c) Big Finish Productions Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Paul McGann Mark Bonnar Nicola Walker

Doctor Who: Doom Coalition 1. Cover by Tom Webster. At the forefront of the image, on the left, the Eleven (mid fifties, white hair, stubbly beard, white henley top) grins maniacally while gripping a futuristic looking clockwork machine about the size of a credit card. And which is on fire. Behind, but larger, the Eighth Doctor, in white t-shirt and blue leather pea coat, looks up and to the right, troubled but determined. Behind him, and smaller, Helen (early 30s, dark red hair tied back, black and dark purple striped sweater) looks appalled and wide eyed at something to the left, while Liv (early 40s, long straight dark hair, black jacket zipped up to her chin) looks determined. Behind them all flames fall from above as if the immediate moments after a massive explosion. The colour scheme is dark and cool with bursts of orange. (c) Big Finish Productions

Doom Coalition The Eleven_
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