Doom Coalition The Eleven_

Doom Coalition: The Eleven. Cover by Tom Webster (c) Big Finish Productions Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Paul McGann Mark Bonnar Nicola Walker

Doom Coalition: The Eleven. Cover by Tom Webster. The cover features a vertical rectangular strip towards the left edge. In this is a blue tinted picture of the Eighth Doctor in a white t-shirt and blue leather pea jacket. The main part of the cover shows a large image of the Eleven’s face (mid-50s, white haired, stubbly beard, extremely intense stare). This image is set in the left side of an iron looking circle with a metal divide down the middle. On the other side is the Eighth Doctor, in leather pea coat, looking cautious, in semi-profile. Below is a smaller image of Liv (early 40s, long straight dark hair, leather jacket zipped up to her chin) looking confident. To the right is some sort of explosion, while below is a flat screen floating in the air, showing some sort of high tech clockwork. The background, largely hidden, resembled the Panopticon set seen in The Deadly Assassin and The Timeless Children (c) Big Finish Productions

Doom Coalition