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McCoy on The Day of the Doctor

Earlier today Blogtor sat down with The Seventh Doctor himself, Sylvester McCoy, during the filming for a new short film, The Seventeenth Kind. I asked him how he felt about Tom Baker starring in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, McCoy told me:
“In a way, we were a bit miffed because we were making another film about us trying to break into the 50th anniversary (which was actually better than the 50th anniversary, which is really great). It was Peter Davison’s brilliance. I didn’t know he was so good at making films and very witty writing. Originally it was called The Five Doctors Reboot ‘cos we thought Tom was in it but then eventually we kept phoning him and the he didn’t answer back. Then, by chance, we found out he was in the film.”
So you weren’t happy at his appearance?
“Not particularly unhappy either. We weren’t surprised. But, for our own selfish reasons, we thought it was going to be five of us trying to break into it. And then he broke in. [Laughs] Anyway, turned out good in the end.”
The Seventeenth Kind is released later this year and also stars Tony Curran (Vincent and the Doctor), Brian Blessed (Trial of a Time Lord), Miriam Margolyes (voice of Leef Blathereen in The Sarah Jane Adventures) and Lucy Pinder.

Thanks to all the cast & crew of The Seventeenth Kind.

Colin Baker on The Day of the Doctor

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