The Game of Thrones prequel starring Matt Smith gets its red carpet premiere today

Today’s the day! At least for a lucky few. Former Doctor Who Matt Smith’s new series House of the Dragon gets its red carpet premiere today at 6pm in Leicester Square! The prequel to Game of Thrones, stars Smith as Prince Daemon Targaryen. Two centuries before the events of the global hit series, Prince Daemon is brother to the king and heir to the Iron Throne. But when King Viserys breaks with all tradition and names his daughter as his heir instead, it sets the stage for a conflict that will set the Seven Kingdoms alight.

Coverage of the premiere kicks off on the Sky TV YouTube channel at 5.30pm. Expect a preview of the series, and for Matt Smith and other House of the Dragon stars to tease what we can expect. With Game of Thrones lasting eight seasons, and Daemon such a central part of the action, this may well be Smith’s biggest role since leaving Doctor Who yet. Then again, in the world of George RR Martin’s Seven Kingdoms, not many make it to the final page alive…

But will the Doctor Who actor’s Daemon be this new prequel’s equivalent of Jamie in the original Game of Thrones? A conflicted villain whose mix of charm and personal bravery makes the audience like him despite themselves? Or will he the new Joffrey? A soulless and cruel monster that makes the viewers hope he gets a suitably grisly comeuppance? We’ll have to wait and see…

The new show begins on Sky Atlantic in the UK on the 22nd of August

You can get ready for the premiere by watching the official House of the Dragon trailer below. And you won’t have long to wait for the action to being in earnest. First episode Heirs of the Dragon arrives on Sky at 2am in the morning! It’s all to help tie in with the HBO Max release and help the most spoilerphobic see it before the whole of America starts tweeting about it.


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