The BBC have released a video from actor Matt Smith saying thanks to the Doctor Who cast and crew and the fans – watch it in the player below. Smith is leaving the show in this year’s Christmas Special and will next be seen in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. He is currently filming How to Catch a Monster in Detroit and will start work on his final story at the end of August. Before then, Smith will pop back to Cardiff to meet the Prince of Wales on July 3 as the royal makes a visit to the Roath Lock studios (where Doctor Who is filmed).


  1. So, wait, was he filming another project outside of Doctor Who? Or the Christmas special with the rather short Ecclestonian hairstyle and leather jacket?

  2. Yes Anonymous, he is filming a movie called "How to Catch a Monster" in Detroit, directed by Ryan Gosling.

    He has been filming for around a month so far and this news was announced a long time ago.

    This is NOT the Christmas Special – as it states in the article, it starts filming in August.

  3. Damn shame poor Matt never really got the chance to shine and show what he could do with a properly-considered and better-written interpretation of the Doctor. But we've been lucky to have such a talented, enthusiastic and committed young actor who gave his all to often pitifully-weak material. Best of luck. He's another actor whose career I'll follow very closely, just like a certain Mr Tennant before him.

  4. Cameron. Apologies if I offended you. I did read your article but was just making a joke about the haircut and the jacket looking Ecclestonian and the whole Time War thing that was alluded to at the end of the Name of the Doctor.

    Obviously a joke that failed.

    I do lurk and enjoy your blog semi regularly


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