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Matt Smith to leave Doctor Who

Amelia Pond and The Eventh Doctor – Fish Fingers and Custard - Doctor Who - The Eleventh Hour (c) BBC
Amelia Pond and The Eventh Doctor – Fish Fingers and Custard - Doctor Who - The Eleventh Hour (c) BBC
The BBC have announced that Matt Smith is to leave Doctor Who later this year. Watch a BBC News report HERE.
The actor’s final story as The Doctor will be the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas Special. According to Matt, it begins filming in “August or September”. Shooting on the 50th Anniversary Special has finished – read all about it HERE.
Doctor Who Series 8 will continue with a new actor in the role whilst Jenna-Louise Coleman has stated that she is involved in the next series.

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Read more about Series 8 HERE.


  1. Arrrgh. It took 2 series for me to like him and 3 series to become a fan….and now he's leaving 🙁

    Why not one more series Matt? while I am still a fan.

  2. Matt Smith is the perfect doctor – whimsical, funny, strong and gentle with a face brimming with emotions and care. I certainly don't want a female nor an old man replacing him

    Soo sad

  3. All those reports that Smith had confirmed that he was in for Series 8 were just rubbish to conceal the truth? Why???

    Got a bad feeling about this….

  4. I suffered through the one dimensional acting of Jenna Coleman with the hopes she was a one-season drop in only. If Matt indeed does leave and Jenna remains, I guess this truly is the end of Dr. Who for me, as I draw the line watching an actress who can only deliver the material via one of two ways, "eyes wide open" and then when a much more dramatic effect is required, she morphs into the "eyes very wide open". To those in charge of Doctor Who, please dump Jenna and keep Matt as if you do, I along with all the other Doctor Who fanatics in my neck of the woods will consider tuning back in. If not, at least it was fun for a while and we got a few years from the new crop of Doctors. And if Matt is truly gone and only "eyes wide open" is going to remain, then Bye, Bye Doctor and thanks for making a small part of my life better for a short period of time.


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