Matt Smith is taking a step into the world of Marvel superheroes with a major role in upcoming movie Morbius

Since leaving Doctor Who behind him in 2013, Matt Smith has starred in a number of high-profile projects. Though his role as world-destroying SkyNet in Terminator: Genisys failed to lead to the hoped for trilogy of movies, he won plaudits for his portrayal of Prince Philip in Netflix’s The Crown. Now he has joined the cast of Morbius, the upcoming adaptation of the Marvel character.

However, this won’t see Smith become part of the hugely popular Marvel Cinematic Universe since Sony Pictures own the rights to Morbius. As a result, the film will be the second in their ‘Sony Universe of Marvel Characters’ (SUMC) after last year’s Venom.

Smith joins Jared Leto in the vampire superhero movie

As with Venom, Morbius is an anti-hero who was originally introduced as a villain in the pages of Spider-Man. A scientist suffering from a rare blood disease, Michael Morbius takes extreme measures to develop a cure. Testing his formula on himself he is transformed into a vampire with superhuman speed, stamina and strength and a thrist for human blood that he can barely control. Leaving his old life behind, he sets off on an endless quest for a way to cure his vampirism. Invariably, Morbius becomes forced by circumstance to choose between revealing himself to save others, or continuing his research; his hopes continually dashed.

Jared Leto, who only recently played the Joker in the DC movie Suicide Squad, has the lead role of Morbius. Matt Smith’s character hasn’t been revealed, but he’s believed to be the main antagonist. One possibility is Simon Stroud, who in the comics is a former CIA agent who becomes obsessed with hunting down and destroying Morbius.

Morbius is out in cinemas on the 31st of July, 2020.


  1. Actually per Marvel and Sony’s new deal Venom and the others are part of the MCU, the Morbius trailer proves it as graffiti on a wall calls Spiderman a murderer and Michael Keaton reprises his Vulture role.


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