Coming up in Series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures is the Russell T Davies story Death of the Doctor. Not only does it star Katy Manning as Jo Grant, it also stars Matt Smith as The Doctor. In the episode he says the line: “So, gosh, that was different. Hello everyone!” Below is another preview for Series 4 (thanks to Bolly89).
Thanks to BBC Pictures


  1. 5735.9 Rassilon Era (354)
    Greetings Fellow Gallifreyans!!
    Don;t go Doctor!!
    RTD wants to kill you off on SJA!!
    Not really.
    Though… now he can say he did!!
    P.S.-When are we going to see
    Romana, Liz, Mel, Ace, and Peri return
    and will Jo Grant-Jone…
    be staying??
    Thank you.
    The Professor Dalen Rune.


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