This article includes SPOILERS if you haven’t seen Sleep No More

Sleep No More

Recently Blogtor sat down with writer Mark Gatiss, with various members of the assembled press, to chat about all things Who and his most recent episode Sleep No More. My good friend Simon Brew from Den of Geek asked if Mark had any more stories to tell in Doctor Who, he replied:

“Steven has asked me if I’ll write a sequel to this one [Sleep No More] which I find in a ‘Yeti’ way very exciting! I’ll see if I can do that.

There’s a history of groupings – two ‘Mara’ stories in Peter Davison’s time, two ‘Yeti’ stories. It would be nice to [do a sequel]. I would certainly like to do it. I think the idea is good and the monsters are great so it would be quite nice.

The Doctor loses in this episode [Sleep No More] which is an unusual place to be in so it sort of needs closure.”

Mark also revealed he has a desire to write an episode about fracking – read the report HERE. Read what Mark had to say about Sleep No More HERE.


  1. I think the Episode did have a too dire climax.
    Good ideas, but the fact it has a no resolution is what shows concern for me.

    I dislike it, when Found Footage Films close on negative notes, and this is no exception.
    Just makes it feel a cop out, that our Leads do nothing, in the Grand Scheme of things.
    Though, I like to believe, when we see the names appear, at the start, that was like the Doctor sending the signal, to counter it.
    Or, the Station crash, before he could transmit.

    Maybe, even the Next Time Video is?

    I like Gatis writing, and I hope that he does work this out, if he does so a sequel…so long as the Sequel doesn' have another; Antagonist Twst again, Eh?

  2. I wasn't impressed with the episode. I liked the beginning because it was different; however, the explanation of the "monster" was underwhelming and a bit gross.

  3. I'm surprised at all the negative comments about this! It wasn't brilliant, but in a series that's had some really naff episodes (Girl Who Died being the worst episode since the old series was cancelled if you ask me), this is definitely above average.
    I'm relieved it wasn't another two parter, but I'd be glad to have a sequel!


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