Although Mark Gatiss has already appeared twice in Doctor Who (Professor Lazarus in The Lazarus Experiment and an uncredited voice in Victory of the Daleks), a recent interview with Simon Fisher-Becker (Dorium Maldavar in The Pandorica Opens and A Good Man Goes To War) suggested that the writer would be making another appearance in the show (specifically Episode 13).

As it’s unlikely Gatiss will be appearing as ‘normal’, Blogtor wonders if the pictures included here, from both trailers from Series 6, Part 2 are of the Sherlock writer in action. Judge for yourself. Click on the pics for bigger versions. Mark Gatiss has also written a story for the series, Night Terrors

ETA: The Radio Times has confirmed that Mark Gatiss will star in in the episode now titled, The Wedding of River Song.

ETA (Sep 21): Blogtor can confirm that is IS Gatiss. His character name is Gantok.

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  1. I'm certain thats the guy who played Owen on EastEnders/ one of the Catherine Tate show/ Litton on Life on Mars

  2. Since a certain cigar smoker is in ep 13, according to the US news report, Danny Boy could be making another appearance

  3. I agree with the mouse who thinks that looks like Lee Ross (Owen from Eastenders), although he's already been in Who in The Curse of the Black Spot, so maybe it's not him.


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