As we hurtle towards the next series, news comes thick and fast. Here’s a round~up of the news from last month. Read the February news round~up HERE.

BBC America trailer
BBC One trailer
The DWO WhoCast examines the UK trailer
The Impossible Astronaut – promo pics
The Impossible Astronaut – The Prequel
BBC Teaser

Matt Smith’s appearance on Comic Relief
Watch The Curse of Fatal Death

Revisitations 2 on the DWO Whocast
Comic Relief eps on the DWO WhoCast
Twenty Twelve episode 1 [narrated by David Tennant]
Twenty Twelve episode 3 [narrated by David Tennant]
Twenty Twelve episode 4 [narrated by David Tennant]
The Crimson Petal and the White Episode 1

Mannequin Mania – DVD boxset artwork & details
Revisitations 2 – individual DVD sleeve art
Shada – The Novelisation
Classic Novels republished

Dr. Who reference on Community
Doctor Who and the Autism Spectrum book project
Mark Gatiss in The Crimson Petal and the White Colin Baker in Doctors
Hugh Bonneville on The One Show
Matt Smith interview on Graham Norton show
Freema Agyeman on The Alan Titchmarsh Show

Episode 186 – breakdown of the Series 6 trailer
Episode 185 – Revisitations 2 DVD boxset review
Episode 184 – Comic Relief eps/A Christmas Carol soundtrack reviews
Episode 183 – 2 in 1 author interviews and review of The Gemini Contagion

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