The Man Who Wasn’t There’ is a perfect introductory story into Big Finish’s Short Trips series.  A very different story that has a lot to offer and an unexpected twist.

Charley Pollard requests to see a historical figure only to find he is nowhere to be found, where has he gone?  Why have people never heard of him?

This story succeeds to present an interesting tale, the type that is not often presented in Doctor Who. When Charley makes a request to meet a famous explorer you expect this to be a historical story, the type we see often in the Doctor Who universe, however, it proves its self to be very different and fun.

Writer Ian Atkins has a perfect perception of Charlie and the eighth Doctor’s character’s and how they react, sticking firmly to their character traits.  Atkins controls the story keeping it interesting and despite the time restrictions, being only 40 minutes, he produces a well-rounded story with a clear structure. Things move at a brisk pace which is to be commended, there is also a perfect balance between narration and dialogue which can sometimes prove to be a boundary, as an overuse of narration can lead to boredom however not in this case.

Music To The Ears

One of the standout features is the music. It fits perfectly with the type of story that is being told and also creates an atmosphere which will make you believe you really are in the set time. Narrator India Fisher delivers a masterpiece giving a fantastic range of voices. She also portrays the Doctor in perfect contrast to Charley, making for a fun listen.

Overall an intriguing tale that explores time travel in a way that can sometimes be overlooked or forgotten in bigger stories. This is a nice character piece with no threat to the characters showing how Charley and the Doctor enjoy their adventures.

Blogtor Rating: 7/10

Short Trips – The Man Who Wasn’t There is now available to download from the Big Finish website

Charley Pollard’s innocent request to meet a historical hero seems the easiest thing for a friend with a time and space machine to make happen. But as Charley and the Doctor seek out the Victorian explorer, they uncover a sinister scheme to unravel Earth’s future by affecting its past. But where in its history was the deed done? And is it already too late to put right?

Producer Michael Stevens
Script Editor Jacqueline Rayner
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Written By: Ian Atkins
Directed By: Lisa Bowerman


India Fisher (Narrator)


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