On Monday the 22nd of January, Michael Herbert will be hosting an online seminar, discussing the works and politics of Malcolm Hulke, Doctor Who Scriptwriter.

The seminar is titled “Doctor Who and the Communist: the work and politics of Malcolm Hulke TV Scriptwriter” and is hosted through Zoom. Following on from this, Herbert is currently completing a biography of Hulme entitled “Nothing is what it seems” a quote from The Faceless Ones.

Malcolm Hulke’s career as a scriptwriter for Doctor Who spanned from 1967-1974, working on titles such as: The Faceless Ones, The War Games, The Sea Devils and Frontier in Space. He went on to write for the Doctor Who Target novelisations range, adapting several stories he had worked on from the Troughton and Pertwee eras.

Hulke had also worked on the Hartnell era, with two stories being penned but unfortunately not making it to screen. Several of his ideas however, were later incorporated into other television stories such as The Tenth Planet and Galaxy 4.

More details on the seminar, and how to join can be found at: https://www.history.ac.uk/events/doctor-who-and-communist-work-and-politics-malcolm-hulme-tv-scriptwriter


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