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Love & Monsters – What Did YOU Think?

The Blogtor Who audio commentaries continue as the “team” tackle Doctor Who Series 2. We’re looking for your comments, thoughts and questions on the 2006 episode Love & Monsters for inclusion on the podcast (read out after the commentary). You can comment below, Tweet us HERE, Facebook us HERE or email us HERE.

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  1. "Love and Monsters" can best be described as a volley of satantic aggression against the viewer, from every single person who worked on that episode. To say it was crap would be an insult to crap.

    I'd say that it's to Doctor Who what Arena is to Star Trek, but Arena at least had an excuse for being awful (low budget, crummy effects).

  2. It's awful in every imaginable way, but I can appreciate that it tried to do something different by showing a Doctor Who adventure from the perspective of the ordinary people who get caught up in it. Better to try and fail than not to try at all.

    "Fear Her" is worse because it doesn't even try. It's just terrible, unoriginal mess. Hard to believe it was penned by the guy who made the awesome Flesh 2-parter.

    I'd rate "Love and Monsters" as 2nd worse of nuWho. But those 2 episodes back-to-back are a double whammy of bad.

  3. I liked that it had a different "format". Some scenes were pretty funny – especially when the Doctor, Rose and an alien were chasing each other – and it was nice that the monster was actually designed by a kid.
    I agree, though, that it ended in an awful way. I personally found it rather offensive that the Doctor forced a person to live as a piece of tile instead than dying. To be honest, I didn't like how it ended with River two series later either.

  4. I adore this episode! The only draw-back is the weird alien, and by weird, I mean pathetic. Right until then, this was one of my favourite NuWho episodes.

    I see it as a slap in the face to Whovains who take things all too seriously, but also a gentle loving kiss on the forehead for those very same fans.

    Without those fans the show would never have come back, and to me, that is what RTD is saying with L&M.

    RTD is also, go out and meet real people who do not watch Doctor Who!!! *smilie face*

  5. The Marmite episode of RTD's era I think.

    Its a change from tradition, and as shown when a new Doctor comes in, or the theme tune changes, fans can react badly to it.
    I wonder how fans would reacted to 'Mission to the Unknown' if it where made today, I know this didn't lead on to something big, but still, at least this episode FEATURED The Doctor.

    I enjoyed it, its not perfect, but its not dire ('The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe' on the other hand *shudder*…)

  6. It's okay. It's not an episode that I would recommend right away to new viewers, but I wouldn't tell them to avoid it at all costs either.

    During my initial marathon viewing of DW, I considered the whole show as being very "campy." (Good camp, but still silly) I just thought L&M amped up the camp factor, and I wasn't affected by its so-called "awfulness" like some people.

    Random note: The Abzorbaloff reminded me of the Terror Toad from Power Rangers, which had a similar ability. However, the Terror Toad did not have a buttface. (They both look stupid/awful)

  7. I loved the format, where it was in the for of a video-blog. We also got to see another side of the doctor, how he is to outsiders. How he brings death whereever he goes. So the first half was brilliant.. But then that ridiculous monster came along and ruined it…

  8. i found this ep to be all a bit Bleh! a humorous beginning followed by a pretty bland episode. but the most annoying thing with this episode, isnt the lack of excitement or the doctor, but more the casting of Peter Kay, he wasn't funny and came across as trying to hard… much like his stand up career.
    i think he was cast purely because he was at the height of his popularity at the time.
    and im surprised they didnt shoehorn in a DalekBread gag in

  9. Thankfully I saw the "Confidential" first. The Abzorbaloff was created as 1st prize from a children's show monster contest. The writers changed the story to favor kids instead of adults. It was scary for Elton lost his mom. Having aliens attack Earth; not yet knowing about the Doctor.

    The ending was creepy as Elton & Ursula mentioned their "lovelife" while the adults were thinking it. And the fact she still wore glasses.


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