Just in time for Christmas, long time Doctor Who licensee Lovarzi have upgraded their range with new high quality products

Since 2012, Lovarzi have been clothing Doctor Who fans in high quality knitwear. Their range has included items suitable for cosplay, like stunning replicas of Tom Baker’s various scarves, Sylvester McCoy’s iconic question mark pullover, and a recreation of Peter Davison’s cricket jumper. But it’s also provided fun (and warm) ways to show your fandom allegiance. From scarves emblazoned with TARDISes and Daleks to wooly hats and even knitted ties, they’ve had fans covered.


The TARDIS and Daleks Christmas Sweater

In 2016 they added their first Christmas jumper to the lineup to great success. This year they’ve added more products to the range. There’s a new Christmas jumper – this time featuring TARDISes and Daleks amid a festive pattern. It’s the perfect way to balance your office party or seasonal gathering between yuletide cheer and your love of homicidal mutants and time travel.

Lovari - Doctor Who Range - Christmas Sweater
Lovari – Doctor Who Range – Christmas Sweater (c) Lovarzi

The Lovarzi Christmas Jumper was released Monday, the 12th of November and is on sale now directly from Lovarzi ,priced £34.99.

The Tomb of the Cybermen Scarf

Also new to the Lovarzi lineup is a new scarf to keep you warm this winter. The first from Lovarzi to feature Cybermen it underlines their commitment to getting the details right. It features the classic 1960s Cyberman icon as seen on the walls of the Tomb of the Cybermen on Telos. And across the bottom is the Cybercontroller’s famous proclamation – “WE WILL SURVIVE.”

It’s a Christmas must for that difficult-to-by-for Doctor Who fan in your life. Or, alternatively for Doctor Who fans to innocently share on the timeline of those who find them difficult to buy for.

Lovari - Doctor Who Range - Cyberman Scarf
Lovari – Doctor Who Range – The Tomb of the Cyberman Scarf (c) Lovazi

The Tomb of the Cybermen Scarf was released Monday, the 12th of November and is available directly from Lovarzi, priced £34.99.

The Pandorica Opens Ladies Gloves

Another first this year is Lovarzi’s first pair of Doctor Who (Time) Ladies’ Gloves. This first pair is designed as companion to their already popular The Pandorica Opens Silk Scarf. The design the mock Vincent Van Gogh painting from that episode, depicting the TARDIS exploding in a typically Van Gogh vision of swirls and colour.

Lovari - Doctor Who Range - Pandorica Gloves
Lovari – Doctor Who Range – The Pandorica Opens Gloves (c) Lovarzi

The Pandorica Opens Ladies’ Gloves are not yet available, but will be released the last week of November.

Lovarzi also offer a wide range of Doctor Who products

These are just the newest additions to Lovarzi’s range. Their full stock can be seen both at their own site’s Doctor Who page and their Amazon storefront. Lovarzi also invite their customers to join their own Doctor Who Fan Club, which offers a 10% discount on all Doctor Who products — and a 15% discount on newly released items.


Maninder Singh Sahota, Director of Lovarzi, says:Doctor Who has been an important part of Christmas for over a decade now. Our original Doctor Who Christmas Scarf and Hat hit shelves in 2016 and we were nonetheless blown away by demand. Our new sweater is a perfect accompaniment to these items, and we’re sure fans will love them.”

“For the first time ever, we’re also releasing officially-licensed women’s gloves this year. The Pandorica Opens Scarf proved popular, and it’s such a beautiful painting, we thought it was the ideal image to launch this extension to the range.”



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