Lovarzi has launched a shorter version of its Season 18 Burgundy Scarf, as worn on screen by Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor.

The new accessory is roughly half the length of Lovarzi’s 12ft Season 18 Scarf, which quickly became a fan favourite when it was released in 2013.

Designed by June Hudson at the behest of incoming Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner, the scarf formed part of a new, darker outfit for Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor. It made its debut in the opening story of Season 18, The Leisure Hive, with Tom Baker wearing it throughout his final onscreen run of stories until his Doctor’s departure in Logopolis.

Doctor Who Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) Scarf - Season 18 195cm - (c) Lovarzi
Doctor Who Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) Scarf – Season 18 195cm – (c) Lovarzi

Lovarzi’s shorter Season 18 scarf stays true to the screen-accurate design of its original longer version, but measures a more manageable 195cm. It is made from high-quality lightweight Acrylic Chenille and comes in a specially-designed carry case, making it ideal for collectors and cosplayers.

Maninder Singh Sahota, Director of Lovarzi, says: “When we released a shorter version of our original Tom Baker Scarf, we were overwhelmed by the response, especially at the Doctor Who Festival. Our full-sized scarves are great for conventions, but we know they can be unwieldy in everyday life. That’s why we’ve made this shorter version of the Burgundy Scarf, perfect for fans to show off their credentials wherever they are.”

Doctor Who Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) Scarf - Season 18 195cm - (c) Lovarzi
Doctor Who Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) Scarf – Season 18 195cm – (c) Lovarzi

In 2012 Lovarzi’s officially-licensed Doctor Who line launched with the best-selling multi-coloured Fourth Doctor scarf. Since then the range has expanded to include more faithful reproductions of the Doctor’s various outfits – including the Fourth Doctor’s Season 16-17 Scarf and the Seventh Doctor’s silk scarf – as well as original designs inspired by the show.

Lovarzi’s Doctor Who range has received significant attention in the press and on TV. Their Fourth Doctor multi-coloured scarf was even modelled by Have I Got News For You team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton during a BBC promo for the panel show:

The Fourth Doctor Season 18 Burgundy (Shorter) Scarf is now available to purchase from Lovarzi and Amazon, priced £24.99.

Members of Lovarzi’s exclusive Doctor Who Fan Club can take advantage of a 15% discount on the new scarf – become a member to be eligible for further discounts on new additions to the Doctor Who range.

Check out more from Lovarzi’s officially-licensed Doctor Who collection at their website.


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