Lovarzi today announced additions to their fantastic range of Doctor Who clothes, scarves and accessories. Check them out here and click on the images for more info.
The Fifth Doctor Cricket Sweater is made from 100% Acrylic, based on the original design which debuted in Davison’s first story, Castrovalva. He continued to wear this for the majority of his stories as he fought Cybermen, the Mara, and the Black Guardian. This included a celebratory series marking Doctor Who‘s 20th anniversary, concluding in the 90-minute special, The Five Doctors, which sits between Seasons 20 and 21. Buy HERE.

After the success of the Seventh Doctor Jumper and Paisley Scarf, Lovarzi continues to cater for cosplayers (and those with a great sense of style!) with an 18ft Fourth Doctor Scarf, just like Tom Baker’s Time Lord wore across Seasons 16 and 17. Debuting in The Ribos Operation, this extra-long scarf was created from the remaining part of the original plus a duplicate made for the stunt crew. It was superseded by the Burgundy Fourth Doctor Scarf, which Lovarzi released last year as part of Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary. Buy HERE.

Similar to last year’s Dalek Scarf, the TARDIS Scarf is made
from finest quality wool and Modal, resulting in a smooth, soft finish.
It also comes in a presentation box with foil-printed Doctor Who and BBC
logos, so is a perfect present – and especially for collectors! Buy HERE.

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