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Louise Jameson’s Mary Get New Romance Storyline on Emmerdale

Louise Jameson as Mary Goskirk in Emmerdale (c) ITV

Louise Jameson’s Mary has been confirmed for another year in Emmerdale as romance beckons on the dales

Louise Jameson, who played the Fourth Doctor’s companion Leela, has most recently been on British TV screens as Mary Goskirk in popular rural soap opera Emmerdale. This month the former Doctor Who star renewed her contract. It means Mary will be staying on the Yorkshire dales for another year. More than that, she’s going to be the centre of a significant new storyline.


Having come out as a lesbian last year, 2023 will see Mary finally ready for love

Emmerdale introduced Mary last year as the mother of established character Rhona Goskirk. Her visit to the village turned into a longer stay as she admitted feeling lonely living by herself. It soon became permanent in order to support her daughter when Rhona’s boyfriend Marlon had a stroke.

Jameson, who has recently drew attention to the overused cliches in roles for older women, will also be getting her own storyline in the coming months. Mary’s recently come out as a lesbian after almost a lifetime in the closet. And now she’s finally ready to have her first relationship with another woman. The storyline will feature the character stepping into the world of online dating with the aid of her friend Rodney Blackstock. But who will Mary’s new love interest be, and will she find happiness and companionship at last?


Doctor Who - Leela (Louise Jameson) & The Doctor (Tom Baker)
Louise Jameson as Leela alongside Tom Baker’s The Doctor during her time on Doctor Who

Jameson continues a line of Doctor Who/Emmerdale crossovers

Of course, Emmerdale is no stranger to former and future TARDIS travellers. The soap opera gave Jenna Coleman, later Doctor Who’s Clara Oswald, her first big break when she appeared in 180 episodes between 2005 and 2009 as bisexual teenage tearaway Jasmine Thomas. Coleman’s character was last seen heading to prison for the manslaughter of a corrupt policeman. But another actor with links to the TARDIS dwarfs even Coleman’s time on the show.

Frazer Hines played the Second Doctor’s companion Jamie from 1966 to 1969. But he went on to spend ever longer on the Yorkshire dales. He was part of the Emmerdale cast for over two decades on the soap and between 1972 and 1994 starred in a massive 1,371 episodes. His character of Joe Sugden was one of the original cast. In fact the series originally focused firmly on the lives, loves, and rivalries of Joe and his older brother Jack. Joe ultimately died off screen in a car accident in Spain.

Meanwhile, Wendy Padbury (Zoe) had only a short run of six episodes as her character, Rosemary Roberts, and Sixth Doctor Colin Baker appeared in just one episode. Even Louise Jameson herself had already been in Emmerdale for a short run in the 1970s, as murdered schoolgirl Sharon Crossthwaite.

Emmerdale continues weekday evenings on ITV




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