Nov 12 sees the release of the Blogtor Who audio commentary for the 2005 story, The Long Game. We are looking for your comments, thoughts and questions on the episode for inclusion on the podcast (read out after the commentary). Tweet us HERE, Facebook us HERE, leave a comment below or email us HERE.

ETA: The commentary has now been recorded.

We are also looking for your comments, thoughts and questions on the next story after that, Father’s Day. You can Tweet us HERE, Facebook us HERE, leave a comment in the section below, or email us HERE.

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  1. Father's Day – Quite an emotional punch to this story, though doesn't the Doctor fairly routinely save people who would otherwise die?

  2. I really enjoyed Fathers day, it's a great story for the character development of Rose and even The Doctor too, very emotional and also showcases the very interesting sci fi idea of saving a loved one using time travel

  3. In this episode, some rules seem to be clearly laid out regarding the consequences of messing with Time: dragon-things will come and eat the world. Two doctors later, you can escape the "fixed moment" of your death by wearing a robot suit and then lying low where Time isn't watching. No fuss, no dragons.

    Jackie from Vancouver

    PS. As Sandy mentioned in your previous podcast, Vancouver IS very pretty and yes, we're a bit north of Chile. Trivia: Nearly all American sci-fi shows are filmed here.

  4. The Long Game, in my opinion, has it's high points, and it's low ones. For one, Simon Pegg is great and all, and the Jagrafess/Max is also ok, but
    Adam is a pain in the lower back region and the shots of Suki "freedom fighting" are an obvious shot of her jumping around in a bush while trying to be "cool"

  5. 'Fathers Day':

    This is quite a chilling episode for me, especially when there is no TARDIS Interior.

    One point i do have: Wouldn’t the first version of The Doctor and Rose seen the second version of themselves?

    Very sad at the end when Pete realises what he has to do.


    P.S: Could you shout out my Twitter Account, @TheDWFanSite? I post online ‘Doctor Who’ Jigsaws every other day.

  6. I should have posted this for Dalek, but we are now in a set of five episodes I like to think of as a mini-arc with the theme of "people do stupid things". In Dalek, Van Statten did stupid things involving keeping, torturing, and underestimating a Dalek. In The Long Game, it's Adam's turn to do stupid stuff, getting his brain all opened up and online and letting the Editor get hold of the TARDIS key. I'll post the other stupid in separate posts.

    What I did love about this episode is the big jab at our tendency to just buy out of hand whatever it is the media broadcasts, without anything like enough skepticism. I also love all the tech and costuming/makeup and sort of junky set design.

  7. Father's Day = Rose did a stupid thing. Although it's understandable.

    Anonymous Jackie in Vancouver touches a little bit on what bothers me about this episode. You can take the position that time can be rewritten, or that you mustn't change anything because it will wreck stuff, or that you can try but it will re-assert itself with disastrous consequences. This story takes that last position, but then ever afterward, it's okay to rewrite time as long as you are really careful about fixed points. That's a bit annoying.

    Love Pete Tyler. This sort of becomes a redemption story because he thinks he's such a useless article, then he runs as a hero to his death to save the day. I really like that.


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