The Doctor returns to deliver another Live Lesson for 8-11 year olds across the UK… on how to save the world!

Most people would spend their 55th birthday with their feet up, but that’s never been the Doctor’s style. This Friday, the 23rd of November, the Doctor herself will be leading a live streamed science class as part of the BBC’s Live Lessons project. The Live Lessons scheme brings schools all over the UK together in one virtual classroom to lean about some of the exciting topics on the planet from some of the nation’s best teachers.

The subject of the Doctor’s class is Doctor Who, Space, Light and Super Movers. It will cover the nature of light, how it travels, and its effects on the planets of the solar system.And, naturally, if the children don’t master this knowledge through the fun experiments and demonstrations, all life on planet Earth will end about 2.40pm GMT this Friday. So no pressure, then.

While the Doctor relies on the Key Stage 2 and 2nd Level students across the UK to help with the preventing-the-apocalypse stuff, she’s be ably assisted by Dr. Kevin Fong leading the demonstrations and classroom sessions. Dr. Fong is a space expert and medical doctor and will guide the class on their interstellar journey into science.

Presenters Naomi Wilkinson and Karim Zeroual from CBBC will be keeping things on track in front of a live studio audience. The lesson will also include new Super Movers Brain Boosters – part of a strand teaming the Premiere League with the BBC where famous footballers promote learning.

This isn’t the first time the Doctor has lead one of the BBC’s Live Lessons, though she was a white haired Scotsman at the time. Back in 2017, children around the country united to learn about micro-bits, just in time to help the Doctor stop a Dalek plot to incinerate the Earth!

When and where

Date: Friday, 23rd November 2018

Time: 2pm (approx. 40 mins)

How to watch:

No registration is necessary, but classes that are taking part are encourage to get interactive and email or tweet @BBC_Teach or the hashtag #bbclivelessons to ask their questions, make comments, and maybe get a shout out during the lesson. The lesson will also be up on iPlayer later than afternoon.


For more details, and to see the exclusive trailer, check out the official Live Lessons page.


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