Just in time to coincide with his debut as the demon Crowley in Good Omens, BBC Radio 4 Extra are repeating his 2010 audio series A Night with a Vampire

A Night with a Vampire is a special series of readings of macabre short stories with the common theme of bloodsucking fiends. Expertly read by former Doctor Who David Tennant, each episode breaths new life (or should that be undeath) into a classic short story. Every weekday this week sees the retelling of another classic tale. In his time, Tennant’s been a Doctor, a demon and a vampire hunter, so who better to guide us through this dark landscape?

A Night with a Vampire covers the full range of the vampire genre. From seductive young women hunting for prey to massed hordes of the dead hungry for blood, to psychological tales of victims brought to the edge of madness by unseen foes.

Currently available on BBC Sounds and BBC Radio 4 Extra:

1: Dead Persons in Hungary – by AA Calmet. An extract from Treatise on the Apparitions of Spirits and Vampires or Revenants of Hungary, Moravia, et al. In the 18th century, real life monk Antonie Augstin Calmet attempted to debunk the superstition of vampirism among the Hungarian locals. But he found it more difficult than he could have imagined.

2: The Family of the Vourdalak – by Alexis Tolstoy. A French diplomat takes rests in a Serbian household but finds it gripped by a dilemma. Gorcha, the father of the house, has finally returned from hunting down a vicious killer – but is Gorcha still the man he was?

3: The Horla – by Guy de Maupassant. The narrator waves from his window to a sailing ship coming into harbour from a distant land. But little does he realize the simple gesture may be regarded by those aboard as an invitation to enter…

Coming soon…

4: Luella Miller – by Mary E Wilkins Freeman. When the beautiful and seemingly hapless Luella moves to a small rural town, she enthralls all around her. But the people who becomes obsessed with her tend to be not long for this world…

5: Clarimonde – by Theophile Gautier. Based on The Dead in Love. As the young Romauld prepares to takes his vows and become a priest, he’s distracted by a strange woman’s ethereal beauty. But what is her mysterious secret? And furthermore… will he care when he finds out?



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