Paul McGann - London Film and Comic Con -  July 2016
Paul McGann – London Film and Comic Con – July 2016

Paul McGann, who played the Eighth Doctor, is appearing this weekend at the London Film and Comic Con at the Olympia in London. McGann will be signing autographs and will appear on a panel with fellow Doctors Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor, and Sylvester McCoy, the Seventh Doctor.

McGann met and chatted with a long line of fans at the LFCC, and was cordial and gracious to all. When asked about the new series of Doctor Who and the companion, McGann expressed enthusiasm.

“I had a crush at first sight!” said McGann, of the new companion, Bill, played by Pearl Mackie. “I saw a photo of them shooting in Valencia, and my heart went pitter-patter.” McGann was pleased that Mackie hails from Bristol, where he lives as well.

In addition to his recent work on The Musketeers, McGann recently appeared in the brilliant mini-episode The Night of the Doctor, released in 2013. The episode shows how the Eighth Doctor became the War Doctor and features a stunning performance by McGann, as well as a quick look at the War Doctor, played by John Hurt.

Would he be willing to return again? “Of course!” stated McGann. “You never know what will happen. They can call you on a Wednesday and have you filming by Sunday.”

McGann appeared as the Eighth Doctor in the television special Doctor Who: The Movie, which was released in 1996. The Doctor Who movie was an attempt to bring back the Doctor Who series after it ended in 1989. The movie is the still the only Doctor Who to have been filmed in Canada. In an interesting twist, two other actors were invited to audition for the role of the Eighth Doctor: Christopher Eccleston and Peter Capaldi. The Doctor Who movie is set in San Francisco, where the Master (Eric Roberts) meets the Doctor.

All three Doctors will appear together in a free talk on Sunday. Michelle Gomez, who plays Missy, will also be at the LFCC for photo ops on Sunday. There is even a photo shoot with all three Doctors and the TARDIS console.



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