The First Doctor met The Seventh Doctor this Sunday at London Film and Comic Con, and the results were thrilling!

David Bradley and Sylvester McCoy entered second stage to thundering applause. After all, in addition to sharing the stage, the two actors also share the most iconic role in Sci-Fi. With beaming smiles and cheerful waves, they looked fully ready to talk Doctor Who!

David Bradley will be playing the role of The First Doctor in this years Christmas Special. Additionally, he also played William Hartnell in the 50th Anniversary celebration film, ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’. He dropped a huge teaser for the special that drew gasps from the audience attending. When asked if I had seen any footage from the special, Bradley replied, “No I’ve only seen the trailer, like you. There’s a big event towards the end that happens – when it happened, neither Peter nor I were expecting – it all happened and then were both almost blubbing.” Like many a special before it, this year’s Christmas Special looks set to pile on the tears and emotions. After all, fans are saying farewell to 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi.

Doctor Who: Christmas Special 2017 – The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and the First Doctor (David Bradley) (c) BBC

The discussion then shifted to memorising ‘technobabble’. However, McCoy stated he had a bit of help from a previous Doctor. He mentions that “I sometimes had help from Jon Pertwee because he used to write his lines on the console in pencil. I would try to read his writing, it was still there. Yeah honestly, they were still there!” David Bradley howled at this, lamenting the great difficulty he faced in learning his own technobabble without the luxury of extensive rehearsals.

Sylvester McCoy at London Film and Comic Con 2017 © George Moss for Blogtor Who
Sylvester McCoy at London Film and Comic Con 2017 © Martin Vincent @BadWilf

Talk soon returned to the much discussed Thirteenth Doctor, who now has the support of Bradley and McCoy both. However, though McCoy restated his approval, this time he added that he would like to see Miriam Margolyes in the TARDIS. McCoy proposed that “It could be Miriam Margoyles. Although I don’t think I’d like to be in the TARDIS with her. She’s a bit windy if you know what I mean.” No doubt Margoyles would be a female version of Capaldi’s Doctor – grumpy, shouty and a little bit mad!

The panel ended with two spectacular speeches. McCoy performed his last televised speech, while Bradley gave a stellar performance of William Hartnell’s ‘one day I shall come back’. There was a standing ovation for Bradley, and the fans concurred he is the perfect actor to continue the legacy of The First Doctor this Christmas.

London Film and Comic Con has now concluded for this year but will return in 2018.


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