Let’s Kill Hitler has now aired in the UK, US and Canada (with Australia to follow this weekend), but what did YOU think of the Series 6, Part 2 opener? Let your feelings be known in the comments section below. Blogtor’s spoiler~free review is HERE.


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  1. I really enjoyed it. I did watch it again, as you do and certain things sink in better. I've always liked River Song and the Mels regeneration was great. No complaints from me.

  2. It just keeps on getting better! Not that ever have before, but in my opinion, you really don't know what to expect from DW. Loving what Moffat and the crew are doing.

  3. I loved, loved, LOVED it ( and as a German I enjoy the fact, that Hitler is probably still in the cupboard when they leave ). The only thing, that seems strange to me, is that Mel was coloured and Rory and Amy are not, but maybe she regenerated before and I just missed her mentioning it. And I always thought, River was raised as 'River', because the people who raised her, only had the word 'River' for 'Pond' or something like that, so why doesn't she know, that she is River, but that she is Melody? … But after all a brilliant episode and a rollercoaster of emotions.

  4. i loved it absoloutely love it i dread to think how much all the special effects cost, i loved the effect when the teselectar transformed into the desired person, how amazing, and the fact that at last we know how the river song we have come to know and love came to be,

  5. It was such a great episode after the summer break! I also enjoy the commentaries, but you didn't mention one thing in this episode's commentary! When the Doctor whispers to River as he's dying, that's when he tells her his real name! I'm sure you knew that, but it wasn't mentioned in the commentary!
    Love the site!
    -Casey (from the USA)

  6. Fantastic! Smart writing, amazing performances, laughs out loud and heartbreaking moments that stay with you forever. I keep falling more and more in love with the show!

  7. Hated it.

    Doctor Who seems to have become less about having fun exploring the universe, defeating monsters and saving people. Instead it’s practically been reduced to a few core components that are repeated in every episode:


    Really unimpressed with this episode.

  8. Will just add that I really enjoyed the first half of this season. Was just incredibly disappointed with this ep as I feel it exemplified every cliche that I've mentioned above.

  9. it was amazing just to finally find out how the doctor first met river i love doctor who sooooo much xxxxxx best thing in the world and rory is sweet locking hilter in the cupoard and telling him to shut up LOL xxxxx

  10. Just glad it's back, the months have been dry without Doctor Who. Super emotional episode – especially at the fish fingers and custard part, honestly have never cried so much at the mere mention of a food delicacy.

  11. Glad it's back. Found it mildly amusing but didn't like it really because I don't like River Song. I hope she goes away soon, I really just dislike her character and I don't know why.
    If anything I dislike River more after this episode than I did before, and the 'Mels = River' thing was too obvious.
    But, as I said, it was kind of funny.
    Hope DW stops being "The River Song Show" soon; on the up side, the next episode looks like it will fulfil my wish – if only for one week.

  12. Was amused at some scenes but overall didn't care for the episode

    River Song has become THE MarySue so badly, that I'm actually starting to miss tinkerbell-Jesus-Ten of RTD

    can we get back to exploring planets, monster and other timelines again? Please???
    Moffat needs to go back to brilliant one-shots (Blink and Library… remmeber how amazing those were?)

  13. Good to watch, good DW work. Excellent River Song, love her character; AK does a top job. Hoping to see more DW, and more RS. Great irony saving Hitler; wry comment about messing with time methinks.

  14. "Shut Up Hitler"
    hahaha, That will go down as the best rory quote ever.
    The best Doctor quote however, is from the TV Movie. "These Shoes, They Fit Perfectly."

    The Episode gets an 8 out of 10.
    Brilliant story, fast paced and lots of humor. It loses two point because it was only on for an hour and now i have to wait a full week till Night Terrors. 🙁

  15. Full of action liked the morph robots read some people thought having Hitler in person may not be required but it added a splash of light comedy to the situation glad they didn't change into him. Keeping fingers crossed for more twists and turns of tales to unfold

  16. I liked this episode because I make an effort to like all episodes of DW, no matter how crappy they get (I'm looking at you, "End of Time"!). But really…thinking about it, I wasn't wild about it. I do love River Song, but this episode had so much promise that it didn't use because it wasted it drooling over how awesome Psycho!River is. River's timeline is confusing to me ("explained" in a couple throwaway lines that I didn't even catch the first time around) and the Doctor's very dramatically convenient deadly poisoning was all too easily fixed by River's even more convenient and unbelievable change of heart from cackling egomaniac to sadfaced doe-eyed helpmate, not to mention her belief-suspension-straining control of her regeneration powers. In all, the ep seemed to raise more confusing questions and didn't answer many.
    On the plus side: TARDIS + nice car = joy. Also, I've always felt mostly pity for Rory (I mean, who doesn't pale next to the Doctor?), so him punching down two Nazis–Hitler and a hell-robot–was just kickass. And Eleven in a tux and top hat? Damn.

  17. I was disappointed. River Song's "first" appearance deserved better. And I was just really disappointed that it was a wasted oppurtunity. They could have done so much more better.

  18. I loved it – an emotional roller-coaster ride from laughter to tears and almost everything in between. Gripping, thrilling an breathtaking. Matt Smith's performance was utterly moving and superb. I saw it at FilmHouse at the Edinburgh Festival – it was a wonderful experience to see it on the big screen and share the event with other fans.

  19. Wonderful episode. Matt Smith goes from strength to strength as Eleven.

    Laughed and cried and cried and laughed.

    Only one gripe. Did not like River's childhool story. Minor point.

    9/10 for this amazing episode !

  20. Moffat has written another winner with this episode. There was so much going on, and the script was full of enough ideas to make three or four episodes out of. And yet, it never felt rushed or crowded – a true testament to Moffat's writing ability. He was also able to lift a plot element right our of a crappy Eddie Murphy movie and do something cool with it – not an easy task. I'm glad to see the various plot threats concerning River starting to finally come together. True, it might confuse the casual viewer, but longtime loyal viewers like myself are starting to get some big payoffs out of the show. I'm really excited to see the rest of the season, and interested in particular to see how Moffat gets out of the Astronaut corner that he's painted himself into.

  21. Yes more space travel please!

    I still don't this Dr. has depth like David Tennant did.
    Miss him as The Doctor

  22. Wish they wouldn't try kill Matt Smith off all the time. He's only just been the Doctor for like one and a half seasons, and already has disappeared in one, and then killed in this one.

    I liked this episode second time around, but not a fan at first. Psycho River is kinda cool but EVERYTHING WAS SO SIMPLE and OBVIOUS. I know 'The Moff' has received criticism saying the show's too hard to understand, but does it REALLY have to be oversimplified so much? If people just listen to the script it pretty much tells you everything you need to know anyway.

    Mels was annoying as hell, glad she disappeared. So many plot holes with her. If she was such a good friend of Amy and Rory's, why not be in the Eleventh Hour?

    One thing I didn't get, was the Silence. One minute they are Big Head monsters who are controlling the human race and have been for centuries, NEXT they are a religion. WHAT? So confused.

    Rory's kick-ass action was AMAZING. He is immense.

  23. I loved it.

    I'm quite a big River fan so naturally I was always going to enjoy it. The Mels is River thing was pretty obvious from the moment she appeared but her regeneration is still a punch the air moment. More "major character is dying" stuff which was a bit irritating but Matt Smith brings such a physicality to the role that I was willing to let it happen, plus I'm certain those scenes in the Nazi Dinner Hall are significant to the finale. It's exactly like it always is with Moff, sit back, enjoy and wait and see how it's going to unravel in the future.

    P.S Evil River is way too hot.

  24. Quite good. Can the Doctor get through a season w/o 'dying' or dancing on edge of death? Alex was spot on as a new regeneration. Decent one liners. Mr. Moffat, I salute you, sir. You grab the viewer and start the ride.

  25. Beautiful, bonkers and brilliant. A fine way to kick off the second half of season 6. Love the way Moff keeps giving us twists and turns in the journeys of all of the characters.

    It seems now Rory is more interesting than Amy, as his characters seems to grow with each episode. Classic Rory this ep –

    "Shut up Hitler!"
    "I expect so, it's been that kind of day"

    Plus running way when Amy thinks he's gay in the flashback. LOL


  26. I don't know. I'm getting a little weary of the bang, clatter and wollop. Everything happening too fast, with sudden emotional responses and sudden shifts. This season feels like a video game.

    This is the first season in which I have yet to have any emotional moments. To date, and without looking, it's been Father's Day, Girl in the Fireplace, Blink, Midnight and Amy's Choice. Got nothing for this one.

  27. Vincent,

    All but one of the stories you mention feature towards the end of their respective seasons. I wouldn't give up, The Girl Who Waited might fit the bill for you.

    For me, The Doctors Wife had tons of emotional moments in a great episode.

    Roll on tomorrow!


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