Candy Jar Books have announced a third volume of short stories following the life of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart

Candy Jar Books have announced that the winner of their third Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Competition is Peter Frankum. In 2017, 2019 and 2021 Candy Jar offered aspiring writers and fans of the Lethbridge-Stewart series, set over the course of the beloved Doctor Who character’s life, the opportunity to pen their own story. Notable entrants included Jonathan Macho (who has since written several short stories and The Lucy Wilson Mysteries book, The Serpent’s Tongue), Richard Brewer (the author of the recent Lethbridge-Stewart anthology, The Ever-Running) and the 2019 winner Megan Fizzell (who co-wrote Domination Game with Aly Leeds). Peter’s two winning stories are called Prologue and Epilogue, and sit at the beginning and end of the book.

Candy Jar Books’ Head of publishing, Shaun Russell, says: “It’s always a privilege going through entries and, as you can imagine, it was extremely difficult choosing a winner, but we felt that Peter’s stories were outstanding.”

Will Rees, editorial co-ordinator at Candy Jar, says: “We have always offered entrants the opportunity to send in two stories, but not until now have we felt obliged to use both of them. Peter’s stories were both equally brilliant that we didn’t really have a choice. Peter instinctively understands the characters of Professor Travers and Anne, and offers a new perspective on their lives. We look forward to working with him in the future.”


As well as Peter Frankum’s two stories, the collection also includes a runner up story by Susan Brand

The is also a runner-up story included in the collection, Perfect Day, by Susan Brand. Shaun Russell says: “In the Lucy Wilson books we usually include a flashback prologue; basically Lucy sitting on the Brig’s knee as he recounts a fantastical story from his action-packed past. Susan has taken this concept and lovingly expanded it. As a co-creator of the series, I felt that this story was a joy to read!”

The idea for the Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Competition came from the company’s commitment to shedding light on fresh writing talent. Since 2015 the Lethbridge-Stewart novels have championed previously unknown authors such as James Middleditch and Gareth Madgwick, alongside famous writing names in the Doctor Who universe including John Peel, Nick Walters, Simon A Forward and David A McIntee.

The Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Collection 3 features eight exclusive short stories featuring Lethbridge-Stewart at various stages in his life (as well as one story from the wider Lethbridge Stewart universe). This is a chance for fans to see the Brigadier like they’ve never seen him before!

The eight stories are:

Prologue by Peter Frankum

The Grotesque by Tim Beeley

The Dulcians by Dallas Jones & Roger Reynolds

And… Cut by Robert Kilmister

Feeding Animals in the Zoo by Peer Lenné

A Master of Perception by Alan Darlington

Perfect Day by Susan Brand

Epilogue by Peter Frankum


Fully licensed by the Haisman estate, and featuring concepts and characters created by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln, the Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Collection 3 is a must for Doctor Who fans both new and old. Readers are advised that this book will be a limited edition release, only available to purchase directly from Candy Jar Books for £7.99 and with limited copies available.


The address to pre-order is: The Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Collection 3 – Candy Jar Books (


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