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Limited Edition Lethbridge-Stewart Short Stories Coming From Candy Jar Books

Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Collection From Candy Jar

Candy Jar Books have recently announced their upcoming ‘Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Collection’. This is isn’t just any old collection either. This is the result of their short story competition from last year!

You may remember reading about the “Lethbridge-Stewart South Wales Short Story Competition”. Well, they have their winners and that collection is soon to be released! Each story, and there are eight of them, will focus on a different point in Lethbridge-Stewarts life. The writers and their stories are as follows:

Shadows in the Glen by Richard Brewer
The Friendship Paradox by Thomas Firth
Special Responsibility by Gary Tinnams
Soldier in Time by Martin Gregory
The Man with the Red Case by Matthew Ball
The Brigadier Rides Again by Ross Hastings
In Machina Exspiravit by Anthony Robertson
Burning Daylight by Paul Chase

Candy Jar Books publishing co-ordinator , Lauren Thomas, says: “It’s been a real eye-opener to witness the abundance of creativity and passion held for the Brigadier by Doctor Who fans. We always knew that the submissions wouldn’t disappoint, but we’ve truly been delighted by the quality of writing.”

New Era with the 50th Anniversary of Lethbridge-Stewart 

With the HAVOC Files coming to an end and this being the big Five-O for the Brig, this is a great way to explore our man of the hour. The Lethbridge-Stewart range has always done a great job at finding new talent to mix in with more experienced writers and this is another big push from Candy Jar.

The top prize winner is still to be revealed! That person will get to write a full Lethbridge-Stewart novel, alongside Andy Frankham-Allen. “It takes something special to get into the mind of the Brigadier and I’m anticipating great things from all of these talented new writers. You never know we may be launching a new Chris Chibnall or Terrance Dicks at the beginning of their career.” Says range editor and Lethbridge-Stewart novelist Frankham-Allen.

Frankham-Allen also speaks about upcoming releases. “As we move into our planned second phase for the Brig, we feel it’s time to explore all aspects of his life across the decades. This new approach will be seen first in Lineage (available to pre-order here) and will be followed by our six anniversary novels (due to be released later this year). As an alternative take on the character The Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Collection fits perfectly within this new mindset.”

Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Collection
Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Collection

Making this purchase even better is that £1.50 from each book is to be donated to the Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff. Head of Publishing Shaun Russell says: “In 2015 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer, just as we were launching the first Lethbridge-Stewart series. As you can imagine, undergoing six months of treatment was physically and emotionally draining. If it wasn’t for the support of the centre I wouldn’t have got through this difficult time. This is my way of giving something back.”

This is a limited edition so be sure to order yours. As with all the limited edition books coming out of the Lethbridge-Stewart line this year you can only get this through Candy Jar. Be sure to order soon, not only to read some exciting new stories about Lethbridge-Stewart through the years but to help raise money for the Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff.

Get your copy today by ordering here!



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