Are you ready for series 5 of the Lethbridge-Stewart range from Candy Jar Books? Of course you are! You’ve subscribed and are just waiting, however, there has been a minor change to the line up.

First up, to be released at the end of January, will now be ‘A Very Private Haunting’ written by Sharon Bidwell. Fans will remember Bidwell’s short story ‘The Wishing Bizaar’.

Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne visit the Scottish village, Glencross, to help out the son of a old army buddy. Strange things are afoot in the village; a teenage boy is missing, and a country manor appears to be haunted! And what’s with the new abundance of roadkill?

Sharon Bidwell speaks a bit about ‘A Very Private Haunting’. “Andy didn’t leave me with a choice. He’s always dragging me into things. I want to say he ‘invited’ me, but he was very adamantant that I’d write for the series. Which is a compliment, and Andy has a way about him, so one day I just emailed a first draft of the manuscript to him without any warning.”

The head of publishing, Shaun Russell says: “This book has a touch of The Daemons about it, in regards the atmosphere it creates. Perfect reading for a night in front of the fire, with a storm raging outside. It gave me the creeps in places, and I don’t even have a fire to read in front of!”

A Very Private Haunting by Sharon Bidwell
A Very Private Haunting by Sharon Bidwell

The gorgeous cover art is by Richard Young. Young does many of the Lethbridge-Stewart covers and has a wonderful and unique style. Young says of his cover, “I’ve always wanted to do a cover for a horror type novel. I love the old Hammer horror films so I wanted to do something in that vein… with my own twist.”

Everything about this title is shaping up to be a winner and is sure to scare the socks off most readers. The remaining titles from series 5 will be ‘The Man From Yesterday’ and ‘The New Unusual’.

Included in this special edition version of ‘A Very Private Haunting’ will be an extended version of Bidwell’s ‘The Wishing Bazaar’. Pre-orders will also come with a free digital short story by Brian Gallagher titled ‘The Comrades’.

If you haven’t already pre-ordered you copy of ‘A Very Private Haunting’, or series 5 of the Lethbridge-Stewart range, you can do so by visiting Candy Jar Books website.


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