There’s an exciting new anthology of Lethbridge-Stewart short stories coming from Candy Jar Books!

‘Lethbridge-Stewart: Lineage’ won’t be a traditional collection of Brigadier adventures. Though 3 of these stories will feature on our hero, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, these stories will be focused on the lineage of the Brigadier, through the ages. The earliest story will take place sometime in the 17th century and through the generations including the 1800’s, the 1940’s, 70’s and into the early 21st century.

The Lethbridge-Stewart name carries with it stories of integrity, honour and courage. But was it always so?

From its earliest origins with the Clan Stewart in Scotland, and the Lethbridges in Devon, England, the name has a storied past. Historical figures, history makers, military heroes…

Shaun Russell, the head of Publishing at Candy Jar talks about the inspiration for ‘Lineage’. “We’ve been pondering doing a collection like this for some time, but it never seemed to be the right time. But with the impending fiftieth anniversary of the first appearance of the Brig in Doctor Who, combined with the recent appearance of the Brigadier’s grandfather in Twice Upon a Time, and the positive response that garnered, it seemed that the time was, finally, now.”

The forward will be written by the wonderful, Richard Dinnick. David A. McIntee, as well as the range editor himself, Andy Frankham-Allen, (both having free short stories recently released) are amongst some of the great talent on board. Other writers include popular ‘HAVOC Files’ authors, Gareth Madgwick, Andrew Allen, Wink Taylor, Harry Draper. Film maker, Chris Lynch, is also contributing to the anthology

Range Editor, and ‘Lineage’ contributor, Frankham-Allen gives a few hints of what we can expect. “I love exploring the Brigadier’s lineage, be it his immediate family in the shape of his mother and father, or his descendants, in the shape of his son and grandchildren. But I’ve always wanted to go deeper, to look at some other Lethbridge-Stewarts, or indeed Stewarts and Lethbridges, to find out what kind of impact they had on the world. Sometimes that impact can be huge, and sometimes it can be the smallest thing that has the biggest repercussions. With this collection, we get to explore some of the lesser known ancestors, and introduce some never even mentioned before. And, of course, we get to visit the rising star that is Lucy Wilson, the Brigadier’s adventuring granddaughter!”

Lethbridge-Stewart: Lineage from Candy Jar Books
Lethbridge-Stewart: Lineage from Candy Jar Books

Further Lineage Details

There will be a limited amount of ‘Lethbridge-Stewart: Lineage’ hardback copies, so be sure to get yours soon. The most recent collection of short stories, HAVOC Files 4, have recently sold out, and this unique collection is bound to go quickly, as well.

Head over to Candy Jar Books website to get your copy of ‘Lethbridge-Stewart:Lineage’ and don’t forget to visit the new Lethbridge-Stewart site!


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