Candy Jar Books has a special release coming in 2019! If you love the Brigadier and are interested in knowing more about the current leader of UNIT, Kate Stewart, Downtime 2 will be the book for you.

‘Downtime: Children of The New World’ acts as a sequel to the movie from ReelTime Pictures, ‘Downtime’. ‘Downtime’ is Kate Lethbridge-Stewart’s introduction the world so it’s incredibly exciting to have another story. It may have taken 20 years for a full length follow-up with Kate and her Dad but they’re in capable hands. Andy Frankham-Allen is at the helm.

Andy Frankham-Allen

Frankham-Allen is head of the Lethbridge-Stewart range at Candy Jar Books. He has been lovingly taking care of the Brigadier and his legacy though this line. He’s written many books and short stories under the banner and over seen the rest. He knows this world better than most, if not all, and is sure to deliver another incredible adventure. Just check out this Synopsis.


Kate Lethbridge-Stewart joins her father, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, in a mission to save her son’s life!

For the last nine years Kate’s life has been a happy one. Other than a minor blip in 2003, she hasn’t had to worry about aliens bothering her or her son. Indeed, her biggest concern is Gordy’s first girlfriend. But it all changes when a face from her past appears, bringing with him a warning.

Gordy and his cousin Conall are kidnapped by a radical group calling themselves the Followers of Maitreya!

The Brigadier and Kate join forces with Douglas Cavendish and Anne Travers on a mission to save Gordy and Conall, which leads them to the ruins of Det-Sen Monastery in Tibet where deadly Yeti roam, and a prophecy is about to fulfilled!

What connects the Followers of Maitreya to a developing online school, Asteroid 4179 which is heading towards Earth, and the Brigadier’s family?

Discussing Downtime

That’s right, even Kate Lethbridge-Stewarts son, Gordy, is present. ‘Downtime: Children of the New World’ is set in 2004 and takes place after the original ‘Downtime’. Happily, as all good sequels, it’s capable of being read as a standalone adventure.

Frankham-Allen discusses how he came up with Downtime 2 and making it a standalone story. “All background details from Downtime will be treated the same way one treats background detail in a normal standalone novel; the reader will be told everything they need to know for the story to work. Of course, further insight can be gained by picking up Downtime, but it won’t be essential. Children of the New World is its own story.

“The basic idea came to me fairly quickly, but it wasn’t until I rewatched both films and had a chance to look through Marc Platt’s novelisation that the main plot point presented itself. I was determined to write a solid standalone tale, but one that was a logical continuation of Downtime, while at the same time bringing Kate and Gordy fully into the fold with the Brigadier’s extended family. The chance of having the Brigadier’s two grandsons together was too good to pass up, and that quickly became the crux of the plot.”


It’s exciting when different mediums cross and the continuity can be woven together. Similar to how Big Finish build upon Doctor Who the show and even comics, only in the audio adventure format. Frankham-Allen shares how this story was inspired into fruition.

“When I first heard of Reeltime’s forthcoming film, Anomaly, which would see Beverley returning to the role of Kate, I contacted Keith Barnfather. Initially it was simply to express my interest in Kate’s return, and how I’d be open to us working together to cross-pollinate our two ranges. Keith was very open to the idea, and before we knew it the conversation turned to prose and the idea of doing a sequel to Downtime.

“It took a while to work out when to set it, and after watching Dæmos Rising it became clear the book needed to be set after that film. The only proviso Keith gave me was that I needed to “set up” Anomaly.”

Purchase your copy

Downtime 2 Candy Jar Books
Downtime 2 Candy Jar Books

An important note for those that subscribe to the Lethbridge-Stewart range, this story will not be part of the subscription.

There will be two versions with limited copies available for both so be sure to pre-order quickly.

Standard paperback edition (limited to 500 copies) for £10.00 (+ p&p).

Limited hardback edition (FIFTY COPIES ONLY) for £25 (+ p&p). This edition will be signed by Andy Frankham-Allen and feature an exclusive forward by original Kate Lethbridge-Stewart actor, Beverley Cressman.

Interested in Kate Lethbridge-Stewart’s origin and don’t have a copy for yourself? Downtime and Dæmos Rising are available directly from Reeltime Pictures Ltd.



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