Candy Jar Books have just announced their upcoming, limited edition, Lethbridge-Stewart novella, titled ‘The Lost Skin’!

‘The Lost Skin’ is part of the Lethbridge-Stewart range and will be written by Andy Frankham-Allen, who is also the Range Editor. Frankham-Allen has written a number of Lethbridge-Stewart stories and though he recently had to put ‘Day of the Intelligence’ aside we’re very happy to have new material from him.


Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is on leave in New York, but in Scotland word reaches the Fifth Operational Corps that Harold Chorley, journalist and pain in Lethbridge-Stewart’s rear, has got wind of the Corps’ presence in Stirling.

A plan is set in motion to take Chorley on a wild goose chase to John o Groats, as far from the Corps as possible. RSM Samson Ware and Professor Travers travel to the edge of Scotland, leaving a trail of breadcrums, which are picked by Chorley and his old chum, Larry Greene.

Origins Of The Story

The Lost Skin has a bit of a history of its own when it comes to being published. It was intended to be a novella, originally, but parts 1 & 2 were printed in as shorts in The HAVOC Files. Writer and Range Editor Frankham-Allen discusses the origins. “When I first came up with the idea for The Lost Skin, or When Harry Met Larry as I called it then, I didn’t even tell Shaun (Russell, Candy Jar head of publishing) about it, intending to simply write it without worrying about a deadline, and then let him know it existed. But when it became clear that The HAVOC Files 2 was under length I mentioned the novella, and Shaun suggested we serialise it.”

Frankham-Allen continues, “I was a little cautious, but decided to go for it. Sadly, when I was trying to work on part three, a few things occurred in my personal life which brought on the horrid return of depression and I just knew there was no way I could complete The Lost Skin in such a piecemeal way.”

Not wanting to simply add-on to what he already had, Frankham-Allen wanted to give readers more. He continues “…I would add material to the first two parts so that the novella version would contain a good fifty percent new material. This way, not only do I tell the story properly, but the readers will get enough new material that, for those who read parts one and two, they will feel like they’re almost reading a new book.”

Cover Art

One of the best things about the Lethbridge-Stewart book range are the covers. Cover art for ‘The Lost Skin’ is done by Adrian Salmon, who has done quite a few Lethbridge-Stewart books, and was specifically chosen by Frankham-Allen because of his “Stark Style”.

The Lost Skin from Candy Jar Books
The Lost Skin from Candy Jar Books

The cover showcases characters Harold Chorley, Larry Greene and Samson Ware with the setting of the book, Orkney Islands. Salmon says of his cover: “I love a good symbolic cover, and this was the perfect opportunity by showing Samson examining the empty skin representing the mystery of the Selkie that gives title to Andy’s book.”

Pre-order The Lost Skin

You can pre-order your limited edition hardcover copy of ‘The Lost Skin’ for £12.99 at Candy Jar Books, or at the new Lethbridge-Stewart website where you can find out all the latest news and enjoy all things Brigadier related!


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