Candy Jar books are returning with their latest series of Lethbridge-Stewart books. Not that they’ve gone away, but starting September their seventh series will begin. Time flies when you’re reading Brig!

The five novel series falls under the banner of ‘Bloodlines‘. The first book is written by Gareth Madgwick and titled ‘Home Fires Burn‘. This is due out in September 2019 marking the 80th anniversary of World War II. The book will again focus on real life WWII veteran Eileen Younghusband during the war. She’ll be reacquainted with Professor Travers and we’ll again meet the Brigadiers Uncle, Matthew Lethbridge-Stewart.

The head of publishing at Candy Jar books, Shaun Russell discusses Eileen’s role in the war. “With eightieth anniversary of the start of the war, we felt that we really wanted to acknowledge the contribution the greatest generation made to all our lives. In 1941 Eileen signed the official secrets act, and wasn’t able to talk about her work in the top secret Filter Room. In 2017 she was featured in The Flaming Soldier and we’ve had so many requests to bring her back. So, here she is launching the new series of books, and this time round her contribution to this story will have major affect on Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart’s life.”

The Series Continues

Details for the last two books are still yet to come but the second book in the series written by Sharon Bidwell is titled ‘Shadow Man‘. She had this to say. “When asked to write a novel focusing on Anne (Travers) and Bill (Bishop), I welcomed the chance to explore their relationship a little more than the series has hereto allowed for. What better way to add to this universe, than working with a quintessential strong female, one known for speaking her mind, for her intelligence, for her independence, as well as being a mother, and a woman in love?”

The third book is written by Range Editor Andy Frankham-Allen and is titled ‘An Ordinary Man‘. Frankham-Allen says of his book; “This was originally planned as the opening book in the sequence, but we reshuffled to tie in the Eileen book with the World War II anniversary. As a result, this is a wonderful mid-season (as it were) cliffhanger book, that brings to the fore the hints of the mystery littered throughout the previous two titles. It’ll end on quite the cliffhanger, setting the stage for the next two titles due out early 2020.”

Buying the Books

Candy Jar Books Lethbridge-Stewart Home Fires Burn
Candy Jar Books Lethbridge-Stewart Home Fires Burn

Bloodlines is available as either a three-book or a six-book bundle. Please visit to order.

If you purchase Home Fires Burn you are entitled to 10% off the following Eileen Younghusband titles: One Woman’s War, Men I Have Known & Eileen’s War (proof of purchase required.)



Home Fires Burn: The War is in full swing for Professor Travers, Section Officer Le Croissette and the Fourth Operational Corps. But beneath the farms and factories of the Home Front, another conflict threatens to erupt.

The Shadow Man: A private laboratory. A secret experiment. A lethal mistake. Anne and Bill are about to stumble into one man’s obsession, causing someone to pay a deadly price.

An Ordinary Man: Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart lives a simple but fulfilling life as a teacher in Liskeard Grammar School. Owain Vine, former student of Mr Lethbridge-Stewart, also lives an ordinary life. An only child, he is happily settled in his home village of Bledoe. But then strange things begin to happen in February 1969. He starts hearing voices, getting visions of a London covered in web! What connects these visions to his old school teacher? And just who is the strange old woman seen in Bledoe, who claims to know everything about Owain and Mr Lethbridge-Stewart?


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