You know them as, if nothing else, the publishers of the much-loved Lethbridge-Stewart books. Well, the good people at Candy Jar are in the holiday spirit and are feeling very generous! Each day leading up to Christmas they’ll be giving away standalone Lethbridge-Stewart short stories, book samplers, wallpapers and more. Yup, giving away!

Looking for some goodies? It’s all located over at the Candy Jar website. They’ve already given out some incredible gifts such as; The Xmas Files, The Lucy Wilson Mysteries wallpaper, for your computer. The complete books of Lethbridge-Stewart: A Very Private Haunting, The New Unusual, Lost in Christmas by Michael Sloan (creator of The Equalizer) on Kindle, and a short story from Britain’s Got Talent’s Lorraine Bowen’s whimsical book The Crumble Lady.

All this plus sales!

Not only this but they’ve also started their Christmas sales which includes 20% off everything (Excluding the upcoming Downtime 2). There’ll be more too! So just because you missed the beginning, doesn’t mean you need to miss the rest.
Subscribers to Candy Jar’s newsletter will receive daily updates containing their prizes, but the calendar is available to everyone at 

Why are they being so generous (Aren’t they always?)? Children’s Digital Assistant, Keren Williams, explains: “It’s a Christmas tradition that we give away some short stories to our loyal readers, and this year I thought, why don’t we go the whole hog and really spoil everybody? We have enough unseen material, as well as some hidden gems in our back catalogue, to fill Santa’s sack several times over. Whatever your tastes, and whether you’ve been naughty or nice, we have something just for you.”

5 Years

The Xmas Files Candy Jar Books
The Xmas Files Candy Jar Books

Candy Jar are also entering their fifth year with the Lethbridge-Stewart line so they’ve decided to spoil their fans a bit extra. Head of Publishing, Shaun Russell, explains: “In our series, the Brig has gone from a beloved, but somewhat forgotten part of Doctor Who history, to an alive and kicking, vital part of the ever-expanding canon. Here at Candy Jar, we’re fans first and foremost, and we’re forever grateful to our readers for embarking on this journey with us. We wanted to give a little something back to everyone who has helped make the series possible. We hope that it will make this a Candy Jar Christmas to remember!”

Seriously good deals

Be sure to check out the advent calendar immediately, and daily, because there’s some truly fantastic offers and sales and you don’t want to miss anything before it’s gone.

Also don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Downtime 2!


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