Breaking news in the world of DOCTOR WHO tonight concerns the unearthing of a supposed leaked pic that is incredibly spoilery in nature if true. And, to be honest, there’s no reason to doubt the picture’s validity. Here at BLOGTOR TOWERS we do not ‘print’ rumours/gossip/spoilers, just facts. But, if you really want to see the picture, then you can view it HERE. But BE WARNED, it is a SPOILER regarding the SERIES 4 finale.

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT leave SPOILERS in the comments section. They will NOT be published.


  1. Yup, someone in the ‘know’ confirmed that this is a real pic.

    It looks like an actual screenshot rather than a promo pic.

  2. Sorry, putting NIMON in the tags was my idea of a ‘joke’.

    I often wonder how many people pay attention to them.

    Apologies if you got excited about their return.

    Or are they?

  3. Looks good! Come the end of the classic series he was looking bright green and like a bath sponge, the effects were so bad, he looks like a human again. More importantly, what has that Dalek got in place of it’s bath plunger??

  4. re the Nimon: no problem. I have to see spoilers anyway *eek* and I did not believe that the Nimon would return. Great idea of a monster species, but rubbish execution. But then again, I thought the mysterious photo would contain some Nimon element, like horns 😉


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