US talk show The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson devoted last night’s installment to Doctor Who, including an interview with Matt Smith. See the clips in the various players included here. A special “thank you” goes to Craig Ferguson for putting together such an entertaining spectacle and putting shame to every talk show in the UK.


  1. I'm glad we didn't hear too much of the same DW questions we hear in almost every interview Matt is in and just hear them chat normally. Good show Craig!

  2. Just finished watching because i couldn't wait to get home since I DVR'd it. SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I don't blame him for being so PO'd about the beginning. We must find it.

    Matt Smith was brilliant for his first US side interview on a Late Show – well done Matt!

  3. Have to agree with Anonymous there…what a wasted opportunity! Craig Ferguson clearly loves himself more than might be considered healthy, frankly, and, despite being a self-procaiemd Dr Who fan, he didnt exactly ask much in the way of interesting questions. He seemed more interested in trying to be funny himself and, on the whole,failing pretty miserably. Oh well, Matt seemed to quite enjoy himself. Bring back Jonahan Ross!

  4. I love Craig Ferguson!!! And I like the fact that it wasn't the same, boring, stale questions.

    Keep in mind that if Ferguson wasn't a fan, it's very doubtful any of these shows would have had Smith on, so thank heavens for small favours.


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