The latest Doctor Who Christmas special has aired, but what did YOU think? Please leave your thoughts and opinions on Last Christmas in the comment section below (all comments are moderated so won’t be published immediately). Obviously, if you haven’t see the episode, then stop reading now!
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  1. Really liked that. Best Doctor Who Christmas special to date. Would have been perfect time for Clara to leave but don't know how they could have bettered that ending for her if they had gone ahead with it. Guess she's on her way to being the longest serving companion in the new series and the definitive companion of the new series, just as Peter has proved himself this year to be the definitive doctor since 2005. Up there with Tom Baker for me and he was just wonderful again tonight.

  2. After that Ending Clara better be the modern version of Sarah Jane or even the next Doctor. It would have been so fitting for this doctor who grew to love her watch her die as she did her Doctor. I look forward to seeing how their companionship continues. the Moff will give her an amazing exit that would top the old age one. Alien v inception. Brilliant episode which would give the kids nightmares. Bravo.

  3. Really good episode. I totally agree that it is the best Christmas episode to date, although I am a bit shocked that Steven Moffat has taken it upon himself to basically say "look kids Santa doesn't exist, he's just in your imagination". I know there was that scene at the end with the tangerine, but still.

  4. Not just the best Christmas episode to date – a very low bar but for me, the best episode in series 8 which is some way the best series since 2005. I really can't think how it could be bettered and Clara is now my favourite companion of all time – sorry Jo…..

  5. No, no the best it was pretty good but not the best, still the Christmas invasion and the runaway bride beat this one, Peter not my Doctor no not at the level of Tom Baker or David Tennant, actually pretty far from those two wonderful Doctors

  6. David Tennant is still my doctor. My favourite classic Doctor is Peter Davidson and not just because he's the Father in law of David Tennant. That's just a coincidence.

  7. I really hated it! The alien on the face reminded me of another episode "Turn left" with Donna as a companion. The fact that Santa remains an oniric fantasy is absurd and more absurd isthe fact that always is about Clara! And when you hope in a right and nice and sweet ending for Clara here that we got her for another season! I was just so disappointed that when i finished watching it i couldn't believe it was was just that. Some part of it were very funny but the rest…were just so boring. Moffat go home.

  8. "Hi, I'm a brain-devouring mind parasite, and I want to devour your brain in peace, so I'm going to provide you with the comforting illusion that you're trapped in an isolated base under siege by brain-devouring mind parasites so you don't wake up in a panic."
    "But that's stupid."
    "Hey, I didn't say I was a smart brain-devouring mind parasite."

  9. I dont know what is worse Capaldi or the writers! Ugh! Clara had to stay..she is holding the entire show together…….regenerate already!

  10. I thought it was excellent. Jenna's acting gives me goosebumps. Warming Capaldi up a few degrees is a good idea. I was invested in the Danny Pink storyline like I wasn't in series 8. The last scene was a punch in the air moment and for me it finally made Capaldi The Doctor.


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