Next January Doctor Who fans were due to be treated to a DVD boxset featuring THE KING’S DEMONS and PLANET OF FIRE but now, sadly, this is not to be the case. The set has been delayed for release later in the year but fear not, 2|entertain have another set to replace the PETER DAVISON stories. Taking its place will be two tales from the JON PERTWEE era, THE CURSE OF PELADON and THE MONSTER OF PELADON. More news as and when we get it.

See images from the trailer for The King’s Demons & Planet of Fire HERE.


  1. "Curse" is a great story, but "Monster" is simply just too long. At 6 episodes, it's a real chore to get through. Like with "Planet of the Spiders", too much padding was used to fill out the required 6 episodes.
    I really hope they release the original Ice Warriors on dvd with the missing 2 episodes animated ala "The Invasion". Probably wont though.


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